Mechanical Measurement & Metrology for GTU 18 Course (IV- MECH. - 3141901)

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1. Introduction to Metrology, Linear and Angular Measurement : Definition, objectives and concept of metrology, Need of inspection, Principles, process, methods of measurement, Classification and selection of measuring instruments and systems. Accuracy, precision and errors in measurement. System of measurement, Material Standard, Wavelength Standards, Subdivision of standards, Line and End standards, Classification of standards and Traceability, calibration of End bars (Numericals), standardization. Slip gauges - Indian standards on slip gauge, method of selection of slip gauge, stack of slip gauge, adjustable slip gauge, wringing of slip gauge, care of slip gauge, slip gauge accessories, problems on building of slip gauges (M87, M112). Measurement of angles - sine bar, sine center, angle gauges, optical instruments for angular measurements, Auto collimator - applications for measuring straightness and squareness. Chapters - 1, 2) 2. System of Limits, Fits, Tolerance and Gauging : Definition of tolerance, Specification in assembly, Principle of interchangeability and selective assembly, limits of size, Indian standards, concept of limits of size and tolerances, definition of fits, hole basis system, shaft basis system, types of fits and their designation (IS 919-1963), geometric tolerance, position - tolerances. Classification of gauges, brief concept of design of gauges (Taylor's principles), Wear allowance on gauges, Types of gauges - plain plug gauge, ring gauge, snap gauge, limit gauge and gauge materials. Comparators : Functional requirements, classification, mechanical - Johnsson Mikrokator, sigma comparators, dial indicator, electrical - principles, LVDT, Pneumatic - back pressure gauges, solex comparators and optical comparators - Zeiss ultra-optimeter. (Chapters - 3, 4) 3. Measurement of screw thread and gear : 4. Measurement systems and basic concepts of measurement methods : 5. Force, Torque and Pressure, Strain and Temperature Measurement :

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