Web Based Application Development WITH php for MSBTE I Scheme (VI - CO/CM/IF/CW - 22619)

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Unit - I Expressions and control statements in PHP 1.1 History and Advantages of PHP, Syntax of PHP. l.2 Variables, Data types, Expressions and operators, constants. 1.3 Decision making Control statements - if, if-else, nested if, switch, break and continue statement. 1.4 Loop control structures - while, do - while, for and foreach. Unit - II Arrays, Functions and Graphics 2.1 Creating and Manipulating Array, Types of Arrays - Indexed, Associative and Multi-dimensional arrays. 2.2 Extracting data from arrays, implode, explode, and array flip. 2.3 Traversing Arrays. 2.4 Function and its types - User defined function, Variable function and Anonymous function. 2.5 Operations on String and String functions : str_word_count(),strlen(),str rev(), strpos(), str_replace(), ucwords(), strtoupper(), strtolower(), strcmp(). 2.6 Basic Graphics Concepts, Creating Images, Images with text, Scaling Images, Creation of PDF document. Unit - III Apply Object Oriented Concepts in PHP 3.1 Creating Classes and Objects 3.2 Constructor and Destructor 3.3 Inheritance, Overloading and Overriding, Cloning Object. 3.4 Introspection, Serialization Unit - IV Creating and validating forms 4.1 Creating a webpage using GUI Components, Browser Role-GET and POST methods, Server Role 4.2 Form controls : text box, text area, radio button, check box, list, buttons. 4.3 Working with multiple forms : - A web page having many forms. - A form having multiple submit buttons. 4.4 Web page validation. 4.5 Cookies - Use of cookies, Attributes of cookies, create cookies, modify cookies value, and delete cookies. 4.6 Session- Use of session, Start session, get session variables, destroy session. 4.7 Sending E-mail. Unit - V Database Operations 5.1 Introduction to MySQL - Create a database. 5.2 Connecting to a MySQL database : MySQL database server from PHP. 5.3 Database Operations : Insert data, Retrieving the Query result. 5.4 Update and delete operations on table data.

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