Programming with Python for MSBTE I Scheme (VI - CO/CM/IF/CW - 22616)

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Unit - I Introduction and Syntax of Python Program 1.1 Features of Python - Interactive, Object - oriented, Interpreted, Platform independent. l.2 Python building blocks - Identifiers, Keywords, Indention, Variables, Comments. 1.3 Python environment setup - Installation and working of IDE 1.4 Running Simple Python scripts to display 'welcome' message. 1.5 Python Data Types : Numbers, String, Tuples, Lists, Dictionary. Declaration and use of data types. Unit - II Python Operators and Control Flow Statements 2.1 Basic Operators : Arithmetic, Comparison / Relational, Assignment, Logical, Bitwise, Membership, Identity operators, Python Operator Precedence. 2.2 Control Flow : 2.3 Conditional Statements (if, if . . . else, nested if) 2.4 Looping in python (while loop, for loop, nested loops) 2.5 Loop manipulation using continue, pass, break, else. Unit - III Data Structures in Python 3.1 Lists : a) Defining lists, accessing values in list, deleting values in list, updating lists. b) Basic List Operations c) Built - in List functions 3.2 Tuples : a) Accessing values in Tuples, deleting values in Tuples, and updating Tuples. b) Basic Tuple operations. c) Built - in Tuple functions. 3.3 Sets : a) Accessing values in Set, deleting values in Set and updating Sets. b) Basic Set operations. c) Built - in Set functions 3.4 Dictionaries : a) Accessing values in Dictionary, deleting values in Dictionary and updating Dictionary. b) Basic Dictionary operations. c) Built- in Dictionaries functions. Unit - IV Python Functions, modules, and Packages 4.1 Use of Python built - in functions (e.g. type / data conversion functions, math functions etc.) 4.2 User defined functions : Function definition, Function calling, function arguments and parameter passing, Return statement, Scope of Variables : Global variable and Local Variable. 4.3 Modules : Writing modules, importing modules, importing objects from modules, Python built - in modules (e.g. Numeric and mathematical module, Functional Programming Module) Namespace and Scoping. 4.4 Python Packages : Introduction, Writing Python packages, Using standard (e.g. math, scipy, Numpy, matplotlib, pandas etc.) and user defined packages. Unit - V Object Oriented Programming in Python 5.1 Creating Classes and Objects. 5.2 Method Overloading and Overriding. 5.3 Data Hiding. 5.4 Data abstraction 5.5 Inheritance and composition classes 5.6 Customization via inheritance specializing inherited method. Unit VI File I/O Handling and Exception Handling 6.1 I/O Operations : Reading keyboard input, Printing to screen. 6.2 File Handling : Opening file in different modes, accessing file contents using standard library functions, Reading and writing files, closing a file, Renaming and deleting files, Directories in Python, File and directory related standard functions. 6.3 Exception Handling : Introduction, Exception handling - 'try : except :' statement, 'raise' statement, User defined exceptions

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Author: [A. A. Puntambekar, Yogesh Patil] Pages: 182 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications