Big Data Analytics for Anna University R17 CBCS (VII - CSE/Prof. Elec.-III - CS8091)

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Unit 1 Introduction to Big Data Evolution of Βί!J data - Best Practices for Βί!J data Analytics - Βί!J data characteristics -Validatin!J - The Promotion of the Value of Bi!J Data - Bi!J Data Use Cases- Characteristics of Bi!J Data Applications - Perception and Quantification of Value -Understandin!J Βί!J Data Stora!Je - Α General Overview of HiSJh-Performance Architecture - HDFS - MapReduce and YARN - Map Reduce Pro!Jrammin!J Model. (Chapter - ι) Unit 11 Clustering and Classification Advanced Analytical Theory and Methods, Overview of Clusterin!J - K-means - Use Cases - Overview of the Method - Determinin!J the Number of Clusters - Dia!Jnostics - Reasons to Choose and Cautions .- Classification: Decision Trees - Overview of a Decision Tree - The General Al!Jorithm - Decision Tree Al!Jorithms - Evaluatin!J a Decision Tree - Decision Trees ίη R - Naϊve Bayes - Bayes' Theorem - Naϊve Bayes Classifier. (Chapter - 2) Unit 111 Association and Recommendation System Advanced Analytical Theory and Methods, Association Rules - Overview - Apriori Al!Jorithm - Evaluation of Candidate Rules - Applications of Association Rules - Findin!J Association & findin!J similarity - Recommendation System: Collaborative Recommendation- Content Based Recommendation - Knowled!Je Based Recommendation- Hybrid Recommendation Approaches. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Stream Memory Introduction to Streams Concepts - Stream Data Model and Architecture - Stream Computin!J. Samplin!J Data ίη a Stream - Filterin!J Streams - Countin!J Distinct Elements ίη a Stream - Estimatin!J moments . Countin!J oneness ίη a Window - Decayin!J Window - Real time Analytics Platform (RTAP) applications - Case Studies - Real Time Sentiment Analysis. Stock Market Predictions - Usin!J Graph Analytics for Βί!J Data : Graph Analytics. (Chapter - 4) Unit V NoSQL Data Management for Big Data and Visualization NoSQL Databases : Schema-Iess Models : Increasin!J Flexibility for Data Manipulation-KeyValue Stores- Document Stores - Tabular Stores - Object Data Stores - Graph Databases Hive - Shardin!J - Hbase - Analyzin!J bi!J data with twitter - Bi!J data for E-Commerce Βί!J data for blo!Js -Review of Basic Data Analytic Methods usin!J R. (Chapter - s)

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