Information Storage & Management for Anna University R17 CBCS (VI- IT/Prof. Elec.-I -IT8001)

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UNIT I Storage Systems Introduction to Information Storage and Management : Information Storage, Evolution of Storage Technology and Architecture, Data Center Infrastructure, Key Challenges in Managing Information, Information Lifecycle. Storage System Environment : Components of the Host. RAID : Implementation of RAID, RAID Array Components, RAID Levels, RAID Comparison, RAID Impact on Disk Performance, Hot Spares. Intelligent Storage System : Components, Intelligent Storage Array. (Chapter - 1) UNIT II Storage Networking Technologies Direct-Attached Storage and Introduction to SCSI : Types of DAS, DAS Benefits and Limitations, Disk Drive Interfaces, Introduction to Parallel SCSI, SCSI Command Model. Storage Area Networks : Fiber Channel, SAN Evolution, SAN Components, Fiber Channel Connectivity, Fiber Channel Ports, Fiber Channel Architecture, Zoning, Fiber Channel Login Types, Fiber Channel Topologies. Network Attached Storage : Benefits of NAS, NAS File I/Components of NAS, NAS Implementations, NAS-Implementations, NAS File Sharing Protocols, NAS I/O Operations. (Chapter - 2) UNIT III Advanced Storage Networking and Virtualization IP SAN : iSCSI, FCIP. Content-Addressed Storage : Fixed Content and Archives, Types of Archives, Features and Benefits of CAS, CAS Architecture, Object Storage and Retrieval in CAS, CAS Examples. Storage Virtualization : Forms of Virtualization, NIA Storage Virtualization Taxonomy, Storage Virtualization Configurations, Storage Virtualization Challenges, Types of Storage Virtualization. (Chapter - 3) UNIT IV Business Continuity Introduction to Business Continuity : Information Availability, BC Terminology, BC Planning Lifecycle, Failure Analysis, Business Impact Analysis, BC Technology Solutions. Backup and Recovery : Backup Purpose, Considerations, Granularity, Recovery Considerations, Backup Methods and Process, Backup and Restore Operations, Backup Topologies, Backup in NAS Environments, Backup Technologies. (Chapter - 4) UNIT V Replication Local Replication : Source and Target, Uses of Local Replicas, Data Consistency, Local Replication Technologies, Restore and Restart Considerations, Creating Multiple Replicas, Management Interface. Remote Replication : Modes of Remote Replication and its Technologies, Network Infrastructure. (Chapter - 5)

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