Wireless Networks for Anna University R17 CBCS (VI- ECE/Prof. Elec.-II -EC8004)

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UNIT I WIRELESS LAN Introduction-WLAN technologies: - IEEE802.11: System architecture, protocol architecture, 802.11b, 802.11a – Hiper LAN: WATM, BRAN, HiperLAN2 – Bluetooth: Architecture, WPAN – IEEE 802.15.4, Wireless USB, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, WirelessHART UNIT II MOBILE NETWORK LAYER Introduction - Mobile IP : IP packet delivery, Agent discovery, tunneling and encapsulation, IPV6-Network layer in the internet - Mobile IP session initiation protocol - mobile ad-hoc network: Routing: Destination Sequence distance vector, IoT : CoAP UNIT III 3G OVERVIEW Overview of UMTS Terrestrial Radio access network-UMTS Core network Architecture: 3GPP Architecture, User equipment, CDMA2000 overview- Radio and Network components, Network structure, Radio Network, TD-CDMA, TD – SCDMA. UNIT IV INTERNETWORKING BETWEEN WLANS AND WWANS Internetworking objectives and requirements, Schemes to connect WLANS and 3G Networks, Session Mobility, Internetworking Architecture for WLAN and GPRS, System Description, Local Multipoint Distribution Service, Multichannel Multipoint Distribution System. UNIT V 4G & BEYOND Introduction – 4G vision – 4G features and challenges - Applications of 4G – 4G Technologies: Multicarrier Modulation, Smart antenna techniques, IMS Architecture, LTE, Advanced Broadband Wireless Access and Services, MVNO.

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Pages: 212 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications