Programming & Problem Solving for SPPU 19 Course (FE - I/II - Common - 110005)(END SEM) (Decode)

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Unit III : Functions and Modules Need for functions, Function : definition, call, variable scope and lifetime, the return statement. Defining functions, Lambda or anonymous function, documentation string, good programming practices. Introduction to modules, Introduction to packages in Python, Introduction to standard library modules. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV : Strings Strings and Operations - concatenation, appending, multiplication and slicing. Strings are immutable, strings formatting operator, built in string methods and functions. Slice operation, ord() and chr() functions, in and not in operators, comparing strings, Iterating strings, the string module. (Chapter - 4) Unit V : Object Oriented Programming Programming Paradigms - monolithic, procedural, structured and object oriented, Features of Object oriented programming-classes, objects, methods and message passing, inheritance, polymorphism, containership, reusability, delegation, data abstraction and encapsulation. Classes and Objects : classes and objects, class method and self object, class variables and object variables, public and private members, class methods. (Chapter - 5) Unit VI : File Handling and Dictionaries Files : Introduction, File path, Types of files, Opening and Closing files, Reading and Writing files. Dictionary method. Dictionaries- creating, assessing, adding and updating values. Case Study : Study design, features, and use of any recent, popular and efficient system developed using Python. (This topic is to be excluded for theory examination). (Chapter - 6)

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