Wireless Communication for Anna University R17 CBCS (VI- ECE -EC8652)

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Unit I : Wireless Channels Large scale path loss - Path loss models : Free space and two-ray models - Link budget design - Small scale fading - Parameters of mobile multipath channels - Time dispersion parameters - Coherence bandwidth - Doppler spread and coherence time, Fading due to multipath time delay spread - Flat fading - Frequency selective fading - Fading due to Doppler spread - Fast fading - Slow fading. Unit II : Cellular Architecture Multiple access techniques - FDMA, TDMA, CDMA - Capacity calculations - Cellular concept - Frequency reuse - Channel assignment - Hand off - Interference and system capacity - Trunking and grade of service - Coverage and capacity improvement. Unit III : Digital Signaling for Fading Channels Structure of a wireless communication link, Principles of offset-QPSK, /4-DQPSK, Minimum shift keying, Gaussian minimum shift keying, Error performance in fading channels, OFDM principle - Cyclic prefix, Windowing, PAPR. Unit IV : Multipath Mitigation Techniques Equalization - Adaptive equalization, Linear and non-linear equalization, Zero forcing and LMS algorithms. Diversity - Micro and macrodiversity, Diversity combining techniques, Error probability in fading channels with diversity reception, Rake receiver. Unit V : Multiple Antenna Techniques MIMO systems - Spatial multiplexing - System model - Pre-coding - Beam forming - Transmitter diversity, Receiver diversity - Channel state information - Capacity in fading and non-fading channels.

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Pages: 480 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications