Software Engineering for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (III- CSE -18CS35)

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Module 1 Introduction : Software Crisis, Need for Software Enφneerin!J. Professional Software Development, Software En!Jineerin!J Ethics. Case Studies. Software Processes : Models : Waterfall Model, Incremental Model and Spiral Model. Process activities. Requirements Engineering : Requirements En!Jineerin!J Processes. Requirements Elicitation and Analysis. Functional and non-functional requirements. The software Requirements Document. Requirements Specification. Requirements validation. Requirements Mana!Jement. (Chapters - 1, 2 and 3) Module 2 What is object orientation ? What is 00 development ? 00 themes ; Evidence for usefulness of 00 development ; 00 modellin!J history. Modellin!J as desi!Jn technique : Modellin!J ; Abstraction ; The three models. Introduction, Modelling Concepts and Class Modelling : What is object orientation ? What is 00 development ? 00 Themes; Evidence for usefulness of 00 development; 00 modellin!J history. Modellin!J as desis;ιn technique : Modellin!J; abstraction; The three models. Class Modellins;ι : 0bject and class concept; Link and associations concepts; Generalization and Inheritance, Α sample class model; Navis;ιation of class models. (Chapters - 4 and 5) Module 3 System Models : Context models, Interaction models, Structural models, Behavioural models, Model-driven en!Jineerin!J. Design and Implementation: Introduction to RUP, Desi!Jn Principles. 0bject-oriented desis;ιn usins;ι the UML. Desi!Jn patterns. Implementation issues. 0pen source development. (Chapters - 6 and 7) Module 4 Software Testing : Development testin!J, Test-driven development, Release testin!J, User testin!J, Test automation. Software Evolution : Evolution processes. Pro!Jram evolution dynamics. Software maintenance. Les;ιacy system manas;ιement. (Chapters - 8 and 9) Module 5 Project Planning techniques. Software pricins;ι, Plan-driven development, Project schedulins;ι, Estimation Quality Management : Software quality, Reviews and inspections, Software measurement and metrics, Software standards. (Chapters - 10 and 11)

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