Cloud Computing for JNTU-H 18 Course (IV - I - CSE / IT - CS714PE) - Professional Elective - IV (Decode)

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Unit- 1 Computing Paradigms : High-Perfoπnance Computing, Parallel Computing, Distributed Computing, Cluster Computing, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Βίο Computing, Mobile Computing, Quantum Computing, Optical Computing, Nano Computing. (Chapter - 1) Unit- 11 Cloud Computing Fundamentals : Motivation for Cloud Computing, The need for Cloud Computing, Defining Cloud Computing, Definition of Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing is a Service, Cloud Computing is a platfoπn, Pήnciples of Cloud Computing, Five essential characteristics, Four cloud deployment models. (Chapter - 2) Unit- 111 Cloud Computing Architecture and Management: Cloud Architecture, Layer, Anatomy ofthe Cloud, Network Connectivity in Cloud Computing, Applications on the Cloud, Managing the Cloud, Managing the Cloud Infrastructure, Managing the Cloud application, Migrating Appplication to Cloud, Phases of Cloud Migration Approaches for Cloud Migration. (Chapter - 3) Unit- IV Cloud Service Models : Infrastructure as a Service, Characteristics oflaaS, Suitabilitiy oflaaS, Pros and Cons of IaaS, Summary of IaaS Providers, Platfoπn as a Service, Characteristics of PaaS, Suitability of PaaS, Pros and Cons of PaaS, Summary of PaaS Providers, Software as a Service, Characteristics of SaaS, Suitability of SaaS, Pros and Cons of SaaS, Summary of SaaS Providers, Other Cloud Service Models. (Chapter - 4) Unit- V Cloud Service Providers : EMC, EMC ΙΤ, Captiva Cloud Toolkit, Google, Cloud Platfoπn, Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Connect, Google Cloud Print, Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service, Microsoft, Windows Azure, Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit, SharePoint, ΙΒΜ, Cloud Models, ΙΒΜ Smart Cloud, SAP Labs, SAP ΗΑΝΑ Cloud Platfoπn, Virtualization Services Provided by SAP, Sales force, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud : Κnowledge as a Service, Rack space, VMware, Majra Soft, Aneka Platfoπn. (Chapter - 5)

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