Computer Organization & Architecture for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (III- ECE - 18EC35)

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Module ι Basic Structure of Computers : Computer Types. Functional Units. Basic Operational Concepts. Bus Structures. Software. Performance - Processor Clock. Basic Performance Equation. Machine Instructions and Programs: Numbers, Arithmetic Operations and Characters, ΙΕΕΕ standard for Floatin!J point Numbers, Memory Location and Addresses, Memory Operations, Instructions and Instruction Sequencin!J. (Chapters - ι,2) Module 2 Addressin!J Modes, Assembly Lan!Jua!Je, Basic Input and Output Operations, Stacks and Queues, Subroutines, Additional Instructions. (Chapter - 2) Module 3 lnput/Output Organization: Accessin!J Ι/O Devices. Interrupts - Interrupt Hardware. Enablin!J and Disablin!J Interrupts. Handlin!J Multiple Devices. Controllin!J Device Requests. Direct Memory Access. (Chapter - 3) Module 4 Memory System : Basic Concepts, Semiconductor RAM Memories-Internal or!Janization of memory chips, Static memories, Asynchronous DRAMS, Read Only Memories, Cash Memories, Virtual Memories, Secondary Stora!Je-Ma!Jnetic Hard Disks. (Chapter - 4) Module 5 Basic Processing Unit : Some Fundamental Concepts, Execution of a Complete Instruction, Multiple Bus Or!Janization, Hardwired Control. Micropro!Jrammed Control. (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [A.P.Godse, Dr. D.A.Godse] Pages: 262 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications