Indian Constitution for GTU 18 Course (III - Common - 3130007) & GTU 20 Course (CSE(AI & ML - 3130007))

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1. Meaninq of the constitution law and constitutionalism. 2. Historical perspective of the Constitution of lndia. 3. Salient features and characteristics of the Constitution of India. 4. Scheme of the fundamenta! riqhts. 5. The scheme of the Fundamental Duties and its Ieqal status. 6. The Directive Princip!es of State Policy - lts importance and imp!ementation. 7. Federal structure and distribution of Ieqislative and financial powers between the Union and the States. 8. Parliamentary Form of Government ίη lndia - The constitution powers and status of the President of India. 9. Amendment of the Constitutiona! Powers and Procedure. 10. The historica! perspectives of the constitutional amendments ίη lndia. 11. Emerqency Provisions : Nationa! Emerqency. President Rule. Financial Emerqency. 12. Local Se!f Government - Constitutional Scheme ίη India. 13. Scheme of the Fundamenta! Riqht to Equality. 14. Scheme of the Fundamenta! Riqht to certain Freedom under Article 19. 15. Scope of the Riqht to Life and Personal Liberty under Article 2 ι.

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