Effective Technical Communication for GTU 18 Course (III - Common - 3130004) & GTU 20 Course (CSE(Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - 3130004))

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ι. Dynamics of Communication : Definition and process. Kinesics. Proxemics. Paralinquistic features. Importance of Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication ίη today's orqanizations. (Chapter- ι) Technical Writing: Report writinq, Technical proposal. Technical description, Business letters (sales. order. complaint. adjustment. inquiry, recommendation. appreciation. apοΙονν. acknowledqement. cover letter). Aqenda of meetinq, Minutes of meetinq, Resume writinq. (Chapter- 2) 5. Technical Communication: Public speakinq, Group discussion, Presentation strateqies. Interview skills. Neqotiation skills. Critical and Creative thinkinq ίη communication. (Chapter- 3) 4. Ethics in Engineering : Scope of enqineerinq ethics. Acceptinq and sharinq responsibility, Responsible professionals and ethical corporations. Resolvinq ethical dilemmas. Makinq moral choices. (Chapter- 4) 5. Etiquettes: Telephone etiquettes. Etiquettes for foreiqn business trips, Visits of foreiqn counterparts, Etiquettes for small talks Respectinq privacy, Learninq to say ΝΟ. Time manaqement. (Chapter- 5) 6. Self-development and Assessment : Chanqe, Grow. Persist. Prioritize. Read, Learn, Listen, Record, Remember, Asses. Think, Communicate, Relate, Dream. (Chapter- 6)

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Pages: 180 Edition: 2023 Vendors: Technical Publications