Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation for JNTU-H 18 Course (III - I - ECE / Prof. Elective-I - EC513PE) (Decode)

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Unit - 1 : Block Schematics of Measuring Systems : Performance Characteristics, Static Characteristics, Accuracy, Precision, Resolution, Types of Errors, Gaussian Error, Root Sum Squares formula, Dynamic, Characteristics. Repeatability, Reproducibility, Fidelity, La􀀁; Measuring Instruments : DC Voltmeters, D' Arsonval Movement, DC Current Meters, AC Voltmeters and Current Meters, Ohmmeters, Multimeters, Meter Protection, Extension of Ran􀀁e. True RMS Respondin􀀁 Voltmeters, Specifications of Instruments. (Chapter - 1) UNIT- 11: Signal Analyzers : AF, HF Wave Analyzers, Harmonic Distortion. Heterodyne wave Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Power Analyzers, Capacitance-Volta􀀁e Meters, Oscillators. Signal Generators : AF, RF Si􀀁nal Generators, Sweep Frequency Generators, Pulse and Square wave Generators, Function Generators, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Video Si􀀁nal Generators, and Specifications. (Chapter - 2) UNIT ΠΙ: Oscilloscopes : CRT, Block Schematic of CRO, Time Base Circuits, Lissajous Fi􀀁ures, CRO Probes, Hi􀀁h Frequency CRO Considerations. Delay lines, Applications: Measurement of Time. Period and Frequency Specifications. Special Purpose Oscilloscopes : Dual Trace, Dual Beam CROs, Samplin􀀁 Oscilloscopes, Stora􀀁e Oscilloscopes, Diφtal Stora􀀁e CROs. (Chapter - 3) UNIT 1\7: Transducers : Classification. Strain Gau􀀁es. Bounded, Unbounded; Force and Displacement Transducers, Resistance Thermometers, Hotwire Anemometers, LVDT, Thermocouples, Synchros, Special Resistance Thermometers, Diφtal Temperature sensin􀀁 system, Piezoelectric Transducers, Variable Capacitance Transducers, Ma􀀁neto Strictive Transducers, 􀀁yroscopes, accelerometers. (Chapter - 4) UNIT \7: Bridges : Wheat Stone Brid􀀁e. Kelvin Brid􀀁e. and Maxwell Brid􀀁e. Measurement of Physical Parameters : Flow Measurement, Displacement Meters, Liquid Ievel Measurement, Measurement of Humidity and Moisture. Velocity, Force, Pressure - Hi􀀁h Pressure. Vacuum level, Temperature -Measurements, Data Acquisition Systems. (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [U. A. Bakshi,Late A.V.Bakshi] Pages: 148 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications