Client Side Scripting Language for MSBTE I Scheme (V - CO/CM/CW - 22519)

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Unit - I Basics of JavaScript Programming 1.1 Features of J avaScript 1.2 Object Name, Property, method, Dot syntax, main event. 1.3 Values and Variables 1.4 Operators and Expressions, Primary expressions, Object and Array initializers, function definition expression, property access expressions, invocation expressions. 1.5 If Statement, if. ... else, if.. elseif, nested if statement. 1.6 Switch ... case statement 1.7 Loop statement - for loop, for. . .in loop, while loop, do ... while loop, continue statement. 1.8 Querying and setting properties and deleting properties property getters and setters. Unit - II Array, Function and String 2.1 Array - declaring an Array, Initializing an Array, defining an Array elements, Looping an Array, Adding an Array an element, sorting an Array element, Combing an Array elements into a String, changing elements of an Array, Objects as associative Arrays. 2.2 Function - defining a function, writing a function, adding an arguments, scope of variable and arguments, 2.3 Calling a function - calling a function with or without an argument, calling function from HTML, function calling another function. Returning a value from a function. 2.4 String - manipulate a string joining a string retrieving a character from given position, retrieving a position of character in a string, dividing text, copying a sub string, converting stringm to number and numbers to string a Unicode of a character - charCodeAt(), from CharcCode(). Unit - III Form and Event Handling 3.1 Building blocks of a Form, properties and methods of form, button, text, text area, checkbox, radio button, select element. 3.2 Form events- mouse event, key events. 3.3 Form objects and elements. 3.4 Changing attribute value dynamically. 3.5 Changing option list dynamically 3.6 Evaluating checkbox selection 3.7 Changing a label dynamically 3.8 Manipulating form elements 3.9 Intrinsic JavaScript functions, disabling elements, read only elements. Unit - IV Cookies and Browser Data 4.1 Cookies - basic of cookies, reading a cookie value, writing a cookie value, creating a cookies, deleting a cookies, setting the expiration date of cookie. 4.2 Browser - opening a window, giving the new window focus, window position, changing the content of window, closing a window, scrolling a web page, multiple windows at once, creating a web page in new window, JavaScript in URLs, JavaScript security, Timers, Browser location and history. Unit - V Regular Expression, Rollover and Frames 5.1 Regular Expression - language of regular expression, finding non matching characters, entering a range of characters, matching digits and non digits, matching punctuations and symbols, matching words, replacing a the text using regular expressions, returning the matched of regular expression object properties. 5.2 Frames - create a frame, invisible borders of frame, calling a child windows, changing a content and focus of a child window, writing to a child window, accessing elements of another child window. 5.3 Rollover- creating rollver, text rollver, Multiple actions for rollover, more efficient rollover. Unit - VI Menus, Navigation and Web Page Protection 6.1 Status bar - builds a static message, changing the message using rollover, moving the message along the status bar 6.2 Banner - loading and displaying banner advertisement. Linking a banner advertisement to url 6.3 Slide Show- creating a slide show 6.4 Menus- creating a pulldown menu, dynamically changing a menu, validating menu selection, Floating menu, chain select menu, tab menu, pop-up menu, sliding menu, highlighted menu, folding a tree menu, context menu, scrollable menu, side bar menu. 6.5 Protecting web page - hiding your code, disabling the right mouse button, JavaScript, concealing email address. 6.6 Frameworks of javasript and its application.

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Author: [A.A.Puntambekar] Pages: 156 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications