Advanced Computer Network for MSBTE I Scheme (V - CO/CM/CW - 22520)

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Unit – I Network Layer and Protocols 1.1 IP Addressing: Address Space, Notations, Classfull addressing, Classless addressing, Network Address Translation (NAT). 1.2 Internet Protocol (IP): Datagram Format, Fragmentation, Options. 1.3 ICMPv4: Messages, Debugging Tools, ICMP Checksum. 1.4 Mobile IP: Addressing, Agents, Three Phases, Inefficiency in Mobile lP. 1.5 Vitrual Private Network: VPN Technology. Unit – II Next Generation IP 2.1 IPv6 Addressing: Representation, address space, address space allocation, Autoconfiguration, Renumbering. 2.2 Transition from IPv4 to IPv6: Dual Stack, Tunneling, Header Translation. 2.3 Pv6 Protocol: Packet format, Extension Header. Unit – III Unicast and Multicast Routing Protocols 3.1 Introduction: Inter-domain, Intra­domain Routing. 3.2 Routing Algorithms: Distance Vector Routing, Bellman-Ford algorithm, Link State Routing, Path Vector Routing. 3.3 Unicast Routing Protocols: Internet Structure, Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGP4). 3.4 Introduction: Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast. 3.5 Intradomain Multicast Protocols: Multicast Distance Vector (DVMRP), Multicast Link State (MOSPF), Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM). Unit – IV Transport Layer Protocols 4.1 User Datagram Protocol: User Datagram, UDP Services, UDP Applications. 4.2 Transmission Control Protocol: TCP Services, TCP features, Segment, A TCP Connection, State Transition Diagram, Windows in TCP, Flow Control, Error Control, TCP Congestion Control, TCP Timers, Options. 4.3 SCTP: SCTP Services, SCTP Features, Packet Format, An SCTP Association, Flow Control, Error Control. Unit – V Application Layer protocols 5.1 World Wide Web and HTTP. 5.2 File Transfer: FTP and TFTP. 5.3 Electronic Mail: Architecture Web-Based Mail, Email Security, SMTP, POP, IMAP and MIME, SNMP. 5.4 DNS-Concept of Domain name space, DNS operation. 5.5 DHCP - Static and Dynamic Allocation, DHCP operation. 5.6 Remote Login: TELNET and SSH.

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Author: [I.A.Dhotre,V.S.Bagad] Pages: 132 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications