Advanced Java Programming for MSBTE I Scheme (V - CO/CM/CW - 22517)

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Unit Unit - I Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) 1.1 Component, container, window, frame, panel. 1.2 Creating windowed programs and applets. 1.3 AWT controls and layout managers : use of AWT controls : labels, buttons, checkbox, checkbox group, scroll bars, text field, text area. 1.4 Use of layout managers : flowLayout, borderLayout, gridLayout, cardLayout, gridbagLayout, menubars menus, dialog boxes, file dialog. Unit - II Swings 2.1 Introduction to swing : Swing features, Difference between AWT and Swing. 2.2 Swing Components : JApplet, Icons and Labels, Text Fields, Combo Boxes. 2.3 Buttons : The JButton, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons. 2.4 Advanced Swing Components : Tabbed Panes, Scroll Panes, Trees, Tables, Progress bar, tool tips. 2.5 MVC Architecture. Unit - III Event Handling 3.1 The delegation Event Model : Event sources, Event listeners. 3.2 Event classes : The Action Event class, the Item Event class, the Key Event class, the Mouse Event class, the Text Event class, the Window Event class. 3.3 Adapter classes. 3.4 Inner classes. 3.5 Event listener interfaces : ActionListener Interface, ItemListener Interface, Key Listener Interface, MouseListener Interface, MouseMotion Interface, TextListener Interface, WindowsListener Interface. Unit - IV Networking Basics 4.1 Socket Overview : Client/Server, Reserved Sockets, Proxy Servers, Internet Addressing. 4.2 Java and the Net : The Networking Classes and interfaces. 4.3 InetAddress : Factory Methods, Instance Methods. 4.4 TCP/IP Client Sockets : Whois 4.5 URL : Format, The URI Class. 4.6 URLConnection : TCP/IP Server Sockets. 4.7 Datagrams : Datagram Packet, Datagram Server and Client. Unit - V Interacting with Database 5.1 Introduction to JDBC, ODBC. 5.2 JDBC Architecture : Two tier and three tier models. 5.3 Types of JDBC Drivers. 5.4 Driver Interfaces and Driver Manager class : Connection InterfacenStatement Interface, Prepared Statement Interface, ResultSet Interface. 5.5 The essential JDBC Program. Unit - VI Servlets 6.1 The Life Cycle of a Servlet. 6.2 Creating simple Servlet : The Servlet API, javax.servlet Package, Servlet Interface, ServletConfig Interface, ServletContext Interface. ServletRequest Interface, ServletResponse Interface, GenericServlet Class 6.3 The javax.servlet.http Package : HttpServletRequest Interface, HttpServletResponse Interface, HttpSession Interface, Cookie Class, HttpServlet Class, HttpSessionEvent Class, HttpSessionBindingEvent Class. 6.4 Handling HTTP Requests and Responses Handling HTTP GET RequestsHandling HTTP POST Requests. 6.5 Cookies and Session Tracking.

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Author: [A.A.Puntambekar,Manjula V. Athani] Pages: 204 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications