Computer Organization and Architecture for JNTU-H 18 Course (II - I - CSE - CS304PC) (Decode)

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UNIT - I Digital Computers : Introduction, Block diagram of Digital Computer, Definition of Computer Organization, Computer Design and Computer Architecture. Register Transfer Language and Micro operations : Register Transfer language, Register Transfer, Bus and memory transfers, Arithmetic Micro operations, logic micro operations, shift micro operations, Arithmetic logic shift unit. Basic Computer Organization and Design : Instruction codes, Computer Registers Computer instructions, Timing and Control, Instruction cycle, Memory Reference Instructions, Input - Output and Interrupt. (Chapters - 1, 2, 3) UNIT - II Microprogrammed Control : Control memory, Address sequencing, micro program example, design of control unit. Central Processing Unit : General Register Organization, Instruction Formats, Addressing modes, Data Transfer and Manipulation, Program Control. (Chapters - 4, 5) UNIT - III Data Representation : Data types, Complements, Fixed Point Representation, Floating Point Representation. Computer Arithmetic : Addition and subtraction, multiplication Algorithms, Division Algorithms, Floating - point Arithmetic operations. Decimal Arithmetic unit, Decimal Arithmetic operations. (Chapters - 6, 7) UNIT - IV Input-Output Organization : Input-Output Interface, Asynchronous data transfer, Modes of Transfer, Priority Interrupt Direct memory Access. Memory Organization : Memory Hierarchy, Main Memory, Auxiliary memory, Associate Memory, Cache Memory. (Chapters - 8, 9) UNIT - V Reduced Instruction Set Computer : CISC Characteristics, RISC Characteristics. Pipeline and Vector Processing : Parallel Processing, Pipelining, Arithmetic Pipeline, Instruction Pipeline, RISC Pipeline, Vector Processing, Array Processor. Multi Processors : Characteristics of Multiprocessors, Interconnection Structures, Interprocessor arbitration, Interprocessor communication and synchronization, Cache Coherence. (Chapters - 10, 11, 12)

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Author: [A.P.Godse] Pages: 184 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications