Strength of Materials-I for JNTU-H 18 Course (II - I - CIVIL - CE303PC) (Decode)

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UNIT-1 Simple Stresses and Strains : Concept of stress and strain -St. Venant's Principle -Stress and Strain Dias;ιram -Elasticity and plasticity-Types of stresses and strains -Hooke's Iaw -stress -strain dias;ιram for mild steel -Workins;ι stress -Factor of safety -Lateral strain, Poisson's ratio and volumetric strain -Pure shear and Complementary shear -Elastic modulii, Elastic constants and the relationship between them -Bars of varyins;ι section -composite bars -Temperature stresses. Strain Energy : Resilience -Gradual, sudden, and impact loadins;ιs -simple applications.(Chapter - 1) UNIT-11 Shear Force and Bending Moment: Types of beams -Concept of shear force and bendins;ι moment-S.F. and Β.Μ. dias;ιrams for cantilever, simply supported includins;ι overhans;ιins;ι beams subjected to point loads, uniformly distributed Ioad, uniformly varyins;ι load, couple and combination of these loads - Point of contraflexure -Relation between S.F, Β.Μ and rate of loadins;ι at a section of a beam. (Chapter - 2) UNIT-111 Flexural Stresses : Theory of simple bendins;ι - Assumptions - Derivation of bendins;ι equation - Section Modulus Determination of flexural/bendins;ι stresses of rectans;ιular and circular sections (Solid and Hollow), 1, Τ Ans;ιle and Channel sections -Desis;ιn of simple beam sections. Shear Stresses : Derivation of formula for shear stress distribution -Shear stress distribution across various beam sections like rectans;ιular, circular, trians;ιular, 1, Τ ans;ιle and channel sections. (Chapter - 3) UNIT-IV Deflection of Beams: Slope, deflection and radius of curvature -Differential equation for the elastic line of a beam -Double intes;ιration and Macaulay's methods -Determination of slope and deflection for cantilever and simply supported beams subjected to point loads, U.D.L, Uniformly varyins;ι load and couple -Mohr's theorems -Moment area method -Application to simple cases. Conjugate Beam Method : Introduction -Concept of conjus;ιate beam method -Difference between a real beam and a conjus;ιate beam - Deflections of determinate beams with constant and different moments of inertia. (Chapter - 4) UNIT-V Principal Stresses : Introduction -Stresses οη an oblique plane of a bar under axial loadins;ι -compound stresses -Normal and tans;ιential stresses οη an inclined plane for biaxial stresses -Two perpendicular normal stresses accompanied by a state of simple shear -Principal stresses -Mohr's circle of stresses -ellipse of stress -Analytical and s;ιraphical solutions. Theories of Failure: Introduction -Various theories of failure -Maximum Principal Stress Theory, Maximum Principal Strain Theory, Maximum shear stress theory -Strain Eners;ιy and Shear Strain Eners;ιy Theory (Von Mises Theory). (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [G.Sumalatha,Anil V. Kondhalkar,H.J.Sawant] Pages: 215 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications