ENGINEERING DRAWING for MSBTE K Scheme (II - MECH./AUTO./Production - 312311)

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Syllabus Engineering Drawing - (312311) Learning Scheme Credits Assessment Scheme Actual Contact Hrs./Week SLH NLH Paper Duration Theory Based on LL & TL Based on SL Total Marks CL TL LL Practical FA-TH SA-TH Total FA-PR SA-PR SLA Max Max Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min 2 - 4 2 8 4 4 30 70 100 40 25 10 25 10 25 10 175 Sr. No. Theory Learning Outcomes(TLO's) aligned to CO's. Learning content mapped with Theory Learning Outcomes (TLO's) and CO's. 1. TLO 1.1 Draw different types of sectional views. TLO 1.2 Draw sectioning and hatching conventions. TLO 1.3 Develop sectional orthographic views from the pictorial views of given object. TLO 1.4 Interpret the given drawing. Unit - I Sectional Orthographic Views (14 Marks) 1.1 Cutting plane line. 1.2 Types of sectional views : Full Section, half section, Partial or Broken section, Revolved section, removes section, offset section, aligned section. 1.3 Sectioning conventions. 1.4 Hatching or section lines. 1.5 Conversion of pictorial views into sectional orthographic views (complete object involving slots, threads, ribs, etc). (Chapter - 1) 2. TLO 2.1 Draw different position of lines with respect to projection planes. TLO 2.2 Draw projection of lines in various positions according to the given condition. TLO 2.3 Draw various types of planes based on their orientation. TLO 2.4 Draw projection of planes in various orientations according to the given condition. Unit - II Projection of Lines and Planes (12 Marks) 2.1 Projection of straight lines involving following positions- i. Parallel to both the planes. ii. Perpendicular to one plane. iii. Inclined to one plane and parallel to the other plane. iv. Inclined to both the planes. 2.2 Traces of line. 2.3 Projection of planes involving following orientations- i. Plane parallel to one principal plane and perpendicular to the other plane. ii. Plane inclined to one principal plane and perpendicular to the other plane. (Chapter - 2) 3. TLO 3.1 Draw projection of given regular solids. TLO 3.2 Draw projection of regular solids according to their orientation with planes. TLO 3.3 Interpret orientation of axis with respect to projection of planes of solids. Unit - III Projection of Solids (14 Marks) 3.1 Types of solids. 3.2 Projection of following solids - i. Regular polyhedron - Tetrahedron, Hexahedron (Cube) ii. Regular Prisms and Pyramids - Triangular, Square. iii. Regular solids of revolution - Cylinder, Cone. 3.3 Projection of given solids With Axis a. Perpendicular to one of the principal projection plane. b. Inclined to one of the principal plane and parallel to the other. c. Parallel to both principal planes. (Chapter - 3) 4. TLO 4.1 Interpret intersection for the given solids. TLO 4.2 Draw curves of intersection of the given solid combination. Unit - IV Intersection of Solids (14 Marks) 4.1 Curves of intersection of surfaces - Prism with Prism (Triangular, Square), Cylinder with cylinder. 4.2 Curves of intersection of surfaces - Square Prism with Cylinder when – i. Axes are at 90° and bisecting. ii. Axes are at 90° and offset. 4.3 Curves of intersection of surfaces - Cylinder with Cone : when the axis of cylinder is parallel to both the reference planes and cone resting on base on HP with axis intersecting and offset from axis of cylinder. (Chapter - 4) 5. TLO 5.1 Draw development of lateral surfaces of the given solid. TLO 5.2 Identify parts where concept of development of the given surfaces is required. TLO 5.3 Draw development of given sheet metal. Unit - V Development of Surfaces (16 Marks) 5.1 Developments of lateral surfaces of cube, prisms (Triangular, Square), cylinder, pyramids (Triangular, Square), cone. 5.2 Applications of development of surfaces such as tray, funnel. (Chapter - 5)

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