Pharma Marketing Management - for B. PHARMACY PCI SYLLABUS - 17 ( SEM VIII - BP803ET) - TEXTBOOK

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Syllabus Pharma Marketing Management UNIT - I • Marketing : Definition, general concepts and scope of marketing; Distinction between marketing & selling; Marketing environment; Industry and competitive analysis; Analyzing consumer buying behavior; industrial buying behavior. • Pharmaceutical market : Quantitative and qualitative aspects; size and composition of the market; demographic descriptions and socio-psychological characteristics of the consumer; market segmentation & targeting. Consumer profile; Motivation and prescribing habits of the physician; patients' choice of physician and retail pharmacist. Analyzing the Market; Role of market research. (Chapter 1) UNIT - II • Product decision : Classification, product line and product mix decisions, product life cycle, product portfolio analysis; product positioning; New product decisions; Product branding, packaging and labeling decisions, Product management in pharmaceutical industry. (Chapter 2) UNIT - III • Promotion : Methods, determinants of promotional mix, promotional budget; An overview of personal selling, advertising, direct mail, journals, sampling, retailing, medical exhibition, public relations, online promotional techniques for OTC Products. (Chapter 3) UNIT - IV • Pharmaceutical marketing channels : Designing channel, channel members, selecting the appropriate channel, conflict in channels, physical distribution management: Strategic importance, tasks in physical distribution management. • Professional sales representative (PSR) : Duties of PSR, purpose of detailing, selection and training, supervising, norms for customer calls, motivating, evaluating, compensation and future prospects of the PSR. (Chapter 4) UNIT - V • Pricing : Meaning, importance, objectives, determinants of price; pricing methods and strategies, issues in price management in pharmaceutical industry. An overview of DPCO (Drug Price Control Order) and NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority). • Emerging concepts in marketing : Vertical & Horizontal Marketing; Rural Marketing; Consumerism; Industrial Marketing; Global Marketing. (Chapter 5)

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