Transmission Lines and RF Systems for BE Anna University R21CBCS (V - ECE - EC3551)

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Syllabus Transmission Lines and RF Systems - (EC3551) Unit I Transmission Line Theory General theory of Transmission lines - the transmission line - general solution - The infinite line - Wavelength, velocity of propagation - Waveform distortion - the distortion less line - Loading and different methods of loading - Line not terminated in Z0 - Reflection coefficient - calculation of current, voltage, power delivered and efficiency of transmission - Input and transfer impedance - Open and short circuited lines - reflection factor and reflection loss. (Chapter - 1) Unit II High Frequency Transmission Lines Transmission line equations at radio frequencies - Line of Zero dissipation - Voltage and current on the dissipation less line, Standing Waves, Nodes, Standing Wave Ratio - Input impedance of the dissipation less line - Open and short circuited lines - Power and impedance measurement on lines - Reflection losses - Measurement of VSWR and wavelength. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Impedance Matching in High Frequency Line Impedance matching : Quarter wave transformer, One Eighth wave line, Half wave line- Impedance matching by stubs - Single stub and double stub matching - Smith chart - Application of Smith chart, Solutions of problems using Smith chart - Single and double stub matching using Smith chart. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Waveguides Waves between parallel planes of perfect conductors - Transverse Electric waves and Transverse Magnetic waves, Characteristics of TE and TM waves, Transverse Electromagnetic waves, TM and TE waves in Rectangular waveguides, TM and TE waves in Circular waveguides. (Chapter - 4) Unit V RF System Design Concepts Active RF components : Semiconductor basics in RF, bipolar junction transistors, RF field effect transistors, High electron mobility transistors, Fundamentals of MMIC, Basic concepts of RF design : Filters, couplers, power dividers, Amplifier power relations, Low noise amplifiers, Power amplifiers. (Chapter - 5)

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