Management Information Systems for SPPU 20 Course (SE - SEM IV -AI&DS) - 217530(Decode) (END SEM)

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Syllabus Management Information Systems - (217530) Credit Examination Scheme : 03 End_Semester(TH) : 70 Marks Unit III Information Technology Infrastructure IT infrastructure and Emerging Technologies : IT infrastructure and its components, Hardware and software platform trends, Management issues. Foundation of Business intelligence : Databases and information management. Telecommunication, The Internet and Wireless technology, Securing information systems : system vulnerability, Business value of security and control. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Key System Applications for Digital Age Achieving operational Excellence and customer intimacy : Enterprise Applications, E-Commerce : Digital Markets and Digital Goods, Managing knowledge, Enhancing Decision Making, Building information Systems, Managing project : The importance of project Management, the business value of information systems, Managing project risk, Managing Global Systems : The growth of international information systems, organizing international information systems, Technology issues and opportunities for global value chain. (Chapter - 4) Unit V Business Applications Introduction to e-business systems : Functional Business systems, cross functional Enterprise systems. Customer Relationship Management : The Business focus, Enterprise Resource Planning : The business backbone, Supply chain Management : Business Network. Electronic Commerce Systems : Fundamentals, e-commerce applications and issues. Decision support systems : Decision support in Business, DSS Components, Decision Supports Trends, OLTP, Data Mining for Decision Support, Knowledge Management System. (Chapter - 5) Unit VI Artificial Intelligence & Data Science for MIS Business and AI, An overview of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic System, Genetic Algorithms, Virtual Reality, Intelligent Agents, Expert Systems : Components, Applications, Developing Expert Systems, The Value of Expert Systems : Benefits & Limitations. MIS in Data Science : Transition into data science for a Business Intelligence (BI)/MIS professional : performing detective analytics and generate insights from reports, statistics to support your insights about reports, present your findings to the right group, explore an open-source tool to generate reports OR to perform detective analysis, the model building / predictive modeling steps, Methods to evaluate your model’s performance. (Chapter - 6)

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