Switchgear & Protection for SPPU 19 Course (BE - VIII - Electrical - 403148) (Decode) (END SEM)

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Syllabus Switchgear and Protection - (403148) Credits Examination Scheme Theory 03 ESE 70 Practical 01 Oral 50 Termwork 25 Unit 03 Circuit Breaker Different ratings of circuit breaker (like rated voltage, rated current, rated frequency, rated breaking capacity - symmetrical and unsymmetrical breaking, making capacity, rated interrupting duties, rated operating sequence, short time rating). Classification of high voltage circuit breakers. Working and constructional features of ACB, SF6, VCB- advantages, disadvantages and applications. Auto reclosing, Testing of circuit breakers. Introduction to GIS, its advantages over conventional substation. (Chapter - 3) Unit 04 Static and Digital Relaying Overview of Static relay, block diagram, operating principle, merits and demerits of static relay. Numerical Relays - Introduction and block diagram of numerical relay, Sampling theorem, Anti - Aliasing Filter, Block diagram of PMU and its application. (Chapter - 4) Unit 05 Equipment Protection I. Power Transformer Protection : Types of faults in transformer, Percentage differential protection in transformers, Restricted E/F protection, incipient faults, Buchholz relay, protection against over fluxing, protection against inrush current. II. 3 Phase Induction Motor Protection : Abnormal conditions and causes of failures in 3 phase Induction motor, single phasing protection, Overload protection, Short circuit protection. III. Synchronous Generator (Alternator) Protection: Various faults in Alternator, abnormal operating conditions- stator faults, longitudinal percentage differential scheme and transverse percentage differential scheme. Rotor faults- abnormal operating conditions, inter turn fault, unbalance loading, over speeding, loss of excitation, protection against loss of excitation using offset Mho relay, loss of prime mover. (Chapters - 5, 6) Unit 06 Transmission Line Protection Over current protection for feeder using directional and non directional over current relays, Introduction to distance protection, impedance relay, reactance relay, mho relay and Quadrilateral Relays, three stepped distance protection, Effect of arc resistance, and power swing on performance of distance relay. Realization of distance relays (impedance, reactance, and mho relay) using numerical relaying algorithm (flowchart, block diagram), Introduction to PLCC, block diagram, advantages, disadvantages, Introduction to Wide Area Measurement (WAM) system. (Chapter - 7)

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