Database Management System for SPPU 19 Course (SE - IV - IT - 214452) (Decode) (END SEM)

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Syllabus Database Management System - (214452) Credit Scheme : Examination Scheme : 03 End_Semester : 70 Marks Unit III Introduction to SQL - PL/SQL Introduction to SQL : Characteristics and advantages SQL Data Types, Literals, DDL, DML, SQL Operators Tables : Creating, Modifying, Deleting, Views : Creating, Dropping, Updation using Views, Indexes, Nulls. SQL DML Queries : SELECT query and clauses, Set operations, Tuple Variables, Set comparison, Ordering of Tuples, Aggregate Functions, Nested Queries, Database Modification using SQL Insert, Update, Delete Queries, Stored Procedure, Triggers, Programmatic - SQL : Embedded SQL, Dynamic SQL, ODBC. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Database Design & Query Processing Relational Databases Design : Purpose of Normalization, Data Redundancy and Update Anomalies, Functional Dependencies. The process of Normalization : 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF. Introduction to Query Processing : Overview, Measures of Query cost, Selection and Join operations, Evaluation of Expressions. Introduction to Query optimization : Estimation, Transformation of Relational Expression. (Chapter - 4) Unit V Transaction & Concurrency Control Transaction Management : Basic concept of a Transaction, Properties of Transactions, Database Architecture, Concept of Schedule, Serial Schedule. Serializability : Conflict and View, Cascaded aborts Recoverable and Non-recoverable Schedules. Concurrency Control : Need Locking methods Dead locks, Time stamping Methods. Optimistic Techniques, Multi-version Concurrency Control. Different crash recovery methods : Shadow-Paging, Log-based Recovery : Deferred and Immediate, Check Points. (Chapter - 5) Unit VI Advanced Databases Database Architectures : Centralized and Client - Server Architectures, 2 Tier and 3 Tier Architecture, Introduction to Parallel Databases, Key elements of Parallel Database Processing, Architecture of Parallel Databases, Introduction to Distributed Databases, Architecture of Distributed Databases, Distributed Database Design. Emerging Database Technologies : Introduction, No SQL Databases - Internet Databases, Cloud databases, Mobile Databases, SQLite database, XML databases. (Chapter - 6)

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