Computer Aided Engineering Graphics for JNTU-H 22 Course (I - I - CSE/IT/EEE/CS&BS - ME105ES / I-II - AI&DS/AI&ML/CIVIL/ECE/MECH. - ME203ES) (Decode)

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Syllabus Computer Aided Engineering Graphics - (ME105ES / ME203ES) UNIT - I : Introduction to Engineering Graphics : Principles of Engineering Graphics and their Significance, Scales – Plain & Diagonal, Conic Sections including the Rectangular Hyperbola – General method only. Cycloid, Epicycloid and Hypocycloid, Introduction to Computer aided drafting – views, commands and conics. (Chapter - 1) UNIT - II : Orthographic Projections : Principles of Orthographic Projections – Conventions – Projections of Points and Lines, Projections of Plane regular geometric figures. Auxiliary Planes. Computer aided orthographic projections – points, lines and planes. (Chapter - 2) UNIT - III : Projections of Regular Solids – Auxiliary Views - Sections or Sectional views of Right Regular Solids – Prism, Cylinder, Pyramid, Cone – Auxiliary views, Computer aided projections of solids – sectional views. (Chapter - 3) UNIT - IV : Development of Surfaces of Right Regular Solids – Prism, Cylinder, Pyramid and Cone, Development of surfaces using computer aided drafting. (Chapter - 4) UNIT - V : Isometric Projections : Principles of Isometric Projection – Isometric Scale – Isometric Views – Conventions – Isometric Views of Lines, Plane Figures, Simple and Compound Solids – Isometric Projection of objects having non- isometric lines. Isometric Projection of Spherical Parts. Conversion of Isometric Views to Orthographic Views and Vice-versa –Conventions. Conversion of orthographic projection into isometric view using computer aided drafting. (Chapter - 5)

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