Distributed Systems for SPPU 19 Course (BE - SEM VIII - IT - 414450)

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Syllabus Distributed Systems - (414450) Credit Scheme : Examination Scheme : 03 Credits Mid_Semester : 30 Marks End_Semester : 70 Marks Unit I Introduction to Distributed Systems Introduction : Network operating System VS Distributed operating systems, Characteristics, Design goals, challenges of Distributed Systems, Examples of Distributed Systems, Trends in Distributed systems : Pervasive networking and the modern Internet, Mobile and ubiquitous computing, Focus on resource sharing Distributed Computing Models : Physical, Architecture and Fundamental models. • Case Study : WWW 1.0,2.0, 3.0 (Chapter - 1) Unit II Middleware Introduction to middleware, middleware Framework, Role of middleware, Examples of Middleware, Origins of middleware, Architecture vs Middleware, RMI, CORBA, General Approaches to adaptive software, Types of middleware - messages oriented middleware, intelligent middleware, content centric middleware, middleware protocol, middleware Services, Distributed computing Environment (DCE), middleware Issues, middleware Analyst. Case Study : - XML Based middleware (Chapter - 2) Unit III Inter - Process Communication IPC : Introduction, Layered protocols, API for internet protocols, IPC through shared memory, external data representation and marshaling, Types of communication, inter process communication, multicast communication, message-oriented communication, MPI, network virtualization, overlay networks. Coordination : Clock synchronization, logical clocks, mutual exclusion, election algorithms, Gossip based coordination. Case Study : IBM WebSphere Message Queuing (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Replication and Fault Tolerance Replication : Reasons for replication, Replica management - Finding the best server location, Content replication and placement, Content distribution, Managing replicated objects Consistency protocols : Primary based protocols, replicated write protocols. Fault Tolerance : Introduction to fault tolerance, Reliable client server communication, Reliable group communication, distributed commit, Recovery - Check pointing, Message logging. Case Study : Caching and replication in web (Chapter - 4) Unit V Distributed Files, Multimedia and Web Based System Distributed Files : Introduction, File System Architecture, Sun Network File System and HDFS. Distributed Multimedia Systems : Characteristics of Multimedia Data, Quality of Service Management, Resource Management. Distributed Web Based Systems : Architecture of Traditional Web-Based Systems, Apache Web Server, Web Server Clusters, Communication by Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Synchronization, Web Proxy Caching. Case Study : The Global Name Service, The X.500 Directory Service, BitTorrent (Chapter - 5) Unit VI Recent Trends in Distributed Systems Recent Trends : Introduction, Portable and handheld Devices, Wearable devices, Devices embedded in appliances, Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM), Jini, Service Oriented Architecture, The Future of Recent Trends. Tools for Distributed System Monitoring : Prometheus, Zabbix, Nagios. • Case Studies : Mach, Chorus (Chapter - 6)

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