Digital Signal Processing for BE Anna University R21CBCS (IV - ECE - EC3492)

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Syllabus Digital Signal Processing - (EC3492) UNIT I DISCRETE FOURIER TRANSFORM Sampling Theorem, concept of frequency in discrete-time signals, summary of analysis and synthesis equations for FT and DTFT, frequency domain sampling, Discrete Fourier transform (DFT) - deriving DFT from DTFT, properties of DFT - periodicity, symmetry, circular convolution. Linear filtering using DFT. Filtering long data sequences - overlap save and overlap add method. Fast computation of DFT - Radix-2 Decimation-in-time (DIT) Fast Fourier transform (FFT), Decimation-in-frequency (DIF) Fast Fourier transform (FFT). Linear filtering using FFT. (Chapter - 1) UNIT II INFINITE IMPULSE RESPONSE FILTERS Characteristics of practical frequency selective filters. characteristics of commonly used analog filters - Butterworth filters, Chebyshev filters. Design of IIR filters from analog filters (LPF, HPF, BPF, BRF) - Approximation of derivatives, Impulse invariance method, Bilinear transformation. Frequency transformation in the analog domain. Structure of IIR filter - direct form I, direct form II, Cascade, parallel realizations. (Chapter - 2) UNIT III FINITE IMPULSE RESPONSE FILTERS Design of FIR filters - symmetric and Anti-symmetric FIR filters - design of linear phase FIR filters using Fourier series method - FIR filter design using windows (Rectangular, Hamming and Hanning window), Frequency sampling method. FIR filter structures - linear phase structure, direct form realizations. (Chapter - 3) UNIT IV FINITE WORD LENGTH EFFECTS Fixed point and floating point number representation - ADC - quantization - truncation and rounding - quantization noise - input / output quantization - coefficient quantization error - product quantization error - overflow error - limit cycle oscillations due to product quantization and summation - scaling to prevent overflow. (Chapter - 4) UNIT V DSP APPLICATIONS Multirate signal processing : Decimation, Interpolation, Sampling rate conversion by a rational factor-Adaptive Filters : Introduction, Applications of adaptive filtering to equalization-DSP Architecture-Fixed and Floating point architecture principles. (Chapter - 5)

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Pages: 728 Edition: 2023 Vendors: Technical Publications