Electrical Machines - II for BE Anna University R21CBCS (IV - EEE - EE3405)

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Syllabus Electrical Machines - II (EE3405) UNIT I SYNCHRONOUS GENERATOR Constructional details - Types of rotors - winding factors - EMF equation - Synchronous reactance - Armature reaction - Phasor diagrams of non-salient pole synchronous generator connected to infinite bus - Synchronizing and parallel operation - Synchronizing torque - Change of excitation and mechanical input - Voltage regulation - EMF, MMF, ZPF and A.S.A method - steady state power -angle characteristics - Two reaction theory - slip test -short circuit transients - Capability Curves. (Chapters - 1, 2, 3) UNIT II SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR Principle of operation - Torque equation - Operation on infinite bus bars - V and Inverted V curves - Power input and power developed equations - Starting methods - Current loci for constant power input, constant excitation and constant power Developed-Hunting - natural frequency of oscillations - damper windings - synchronous condenser. (Chapter - 4) UNIT III THREE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR Constructional details - Types of rotors - Principle of operation - Slip - cogging and crawling-Equivalent circuit - Torque-Slip characteristics - Condition for maximum torque - Losses and efficiency - Load test - No load and blocked rotor tests - Circle diagram - Separation of losses - Double cage induction motors –Induction generators - Synchronous induction motor. (Chapters - 5, 6) UNIT IV STARTING AND SPEED CONTROL OF THREE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR Need for starting - Types of starters - DOL, Rotor resistance, Autotransformer and Star delta starters - Speed control - Voltage control, Frequency control and pole changing - Cascaded Connection-V/f control - Slip power recovery Scheme-Braking of three phase induction motor : Plugging, dynamic braking and regenerative braking. (Chapter - 7) UNIT V SINGLE PHASE INDUCTION MOTORS AND SPECIAL MACHINES Constructional details of single phase induction motor - Double field revolving theory and operation - Equivalent circuit - No load and blocked rotor test - Performance analysis - Starting methods of single-phase induction motors - Capacitor-start capacitor run Induction motor - Shaded pole induction motor - Linear induction motor - Repulsion motor - Hysteresis motor - AC series motor- Servo motors - Stepper motors - introduction to magnetic levitation systems. (Chapters - 8, 9)

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