Microprocessor and Microcontroller for BE Anna University R21CBCS (IV - EEE - EE3404)

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Syllabus Microprocessor and Microcontroller - (EE3404) UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO 8085 ARCHITECTURE Functional block diagram - Memory interfacing–I/O ports and data transfer concepts - Timing Diagram - Interrupt structure. UNIT II 8085 INSTRUCTION SET AND PROGRAMMING Instruction format and addressing modes - Assembly language format - Data transfer, data manipulation & control instructions - Programming : Loop structure with counting & Indexing - Look up table - Subroutine instructions, stack. UNIT III INTERFACING BASICS AND ICS Study of Architecture and programming of ICs : 8255 PPI, 8259PIC, 8251USART, 8279 Keyboard display controller and 8254 Timer/Counter - Interfacing with 8085 -A/D and D/A converter interfacing. UNIT IV INTRODUCTION TO 8051 MICROCONTROLLER Functional block diagram - Instruction format and addressing modes - Interrupt structure - Timer - I/O ports - Serial communication, Simple programming - keyboard and display interface - Temperature control system - stepper motor control - Usage of IDE for assembly language programming. UNIT V INTRODUCTION TO RISC BASED ARCHITECTURE PIC16 /18 architecture, Memory organization - Addressing modes - Instruction set - Programming techniques - Timers - I/O ports - Interrupt programming.

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