Hydraulics and Pneumatics for BE Anna University R21CBCS (IV - Mech. - ME3492 & Sem-VII/VIII/Open Electie III - ECE/CSE/IT/EEE/AI&DS/CS&BS/CSE(AI&ML)/Civil - OMR352)

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Syllabus Hydraulics and Pneumatics (ME3492) UNIT - I FLUID POWER PRINICIPLES AND HYDRAULIC PUMPS Introduction to Fluid power - Advantages and Applications - Fluid power systems - Types of fluids - Properties of fluids and selection - Basics of Hydraulics - Pascal’s Law - Principles of flow - Friction loss - Work, Power and Torque- Problems, Sources of Hydraulic power: Pumping Theory - Pump Classification - Construction, Working, Design, Advantages, Disadvantages, Performance, Selection criteria of pumps - Fixed and Variable displacement pumps - Problems (Chapters - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) UNIT - II HYDRAULIC ACTUATORS AND CONTROL COMPONENTS Hydraulic Actuators : Cylinders - Types and construction, Application, Hydraulic cushioning - Rotary Actuators-Hydraulic motors - Control Components : Direction Control, Flow control and pressure control valves - Types, Construction and Operation - Accessories : Reservoirs, Pressure Switches - Filters –types and selection - Applications - Fluid Power ANSI Symbols - Problems (Chapters - 6, 7, 8, 9) UNIT - III HYDRAULIC CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS Accumulators, Intensifiers, Industrial hydraulic circuits - Regenerative, Pump Unloading, Double-Pump, Pressure Intensifier, Air-over oil, Sequence, Reciprocation, Synchronization, Fail-Safe, Speed Control, Deceleration circuits, Sizing of hydraulic systems, Hydrostatic transmission, Electro hydraulic circuits -Servo and Proportional valves - Applications - Mechanical, hydraulic servo systems. (Chapters - 10, 11, 12) UNIT - IV PNEUMATIC AND ELECTRO PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS Properties of air - Air preparation and distribution - Filters, Regulator, Lubricator, Muffler, Air control Valves, Quick Exhaust Valves, Pneumatic actuators, Design of Pneumatic circuit - classification- single cylinder and multi cylinder circuits-Cascade method - Integration of fringe circuits, Electro Pneumatic System - Elements - Ladder diagram - timer circuits-Problems, Introduction to fluidics and pneumatic logic circuits (Chapters - 13, 14, 15, 16, 17) UNIT - V TROUBLE SHOOTING AND APPLICATIONS Installation, Selection, Maintenance, Trouble Shooting and Remedies in Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems, Conditioning of hydraulic fluids, Design of hydraulic circuits for Drilling, Planning, Shaping, Surface grinding, Press and Forklift applications- mobile hydraulics; Design of Pneumatic circuits for metal working, handling, clamping counter and timer circuits - Low-cost Automation - Hydraulic and Pneumatic power packs, IOT in Hydraulics and pneumatics. Note : (Use of standard Design Data Book is permitted in the University examination). (Chapters - 18, 19)

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