Operating Systems for SPPU 20 Course (SE - III - AI&DS - 217521) (Decode)

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Syllabus Operating Systems - (217521) Credit Examination Scheme : 03 Mid_Semester (TH) : 30 Marks End_Semester (TH) : 70 Marks Unit I Fundamental Concepts of Operating system Operating system functions and characteristics, historical evolution of operating systems, issues in operating system design, User's view of the OS, Types of OS : Batch, time sharing, multiprogramming, distributed, network and real-time systems, Operating-System Services, Types of System Calls, System Programs. BASH Shell scripting : Basic shell commands, shell as a scripting language. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Process Management Process concept, Process Control Block(PCB), Process Operations, Process Scheduling : Types of process schedulers, Types of scheduling : Preemptive, Non preemptive. Scheduling algorithms : FCFS, SJF, RR, Priority, Inter process Communication(IPC). Threads : multithreaded model, implicit threads, threading issues. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Process Coordination Synchronization : Principles of Concurrency, Requirements for Mutual Exclusion, Mutual Exclusion : Hardware Support, Operating System Support (Semaphores and Mutex), Programming Language Support (Monitors). Classical synchronization problems : Readers/Writers Problem, Producer and Consumer problem, Inter-process communication (Pipes, shared memory : system V) Deadlock : Deadlock Characterization, Methods for Handling Deadlocks, Deadlock Prevention, Deadlock Avoidance, Deadlock Detection, Recovery from Deadlock. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Memory Management Memory Management : Memory Management Requirements, Memory Partitioning : Fixed Partitioning, Dynamic Partitioning, Buddy System, Relocation, Paging, Segmentation. Virtual Memory : Hardware and Control Structures, Operating System Software. (Chapter - 4) Unit V I/O and File Management I/O Management : I/O Devices, Organization of I/O function, I/O Buffering, Disk SchedulingDisk Scheduling policies like FIFO, LIFO, STTF, SCAN, C-SCAN. File Management : Concept, Access methods, Directory Structure, Protection, File System implementation, Directory Implementation, Allocation methods, Free Space management. (Chapter - 5) Unit VI Linux History Of Unix and Linux , Overview Of Linux - Linux Goals, Interfaces to Linux, The Shell, Linux Utility Programs, Kernel structure, Processes in Linux - Process management system calls in Linux, Implementation of process and threads in Linux, Process scheduling Linux, Booting. (Chapter - 6)

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