Deep Learning for SPPU 19 Course (BE - SEM VII - IT - 414443) - END SEM (Decode)

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Syllabus Deep Learning - (414443) Credit Scheme : Examination Scheme : 03 Credits Mid_Semester : 30 Marks End_Semester : 70 Marks Unit I Fundamentals of Deep Learning What is Deep Learning ?, Multilayer Perceptron, Feed forward neural, Back propagation, Gradient descent, Vanishing gradient problem, Activation Functions : RELU, LRELU, ERELU, Optimization Algorithms, Hyper parameters : Layer size, Magnitude (momentum, learning rate), Regularization (dropout, drop connect, L1, L2) (Chapter - 1) Unit II Convolutional Neural Network Introduction to CNN, Convolution Operation, Parameter Sharing, Equivariant Representation, Pooling, Variants of the Basic Convolution Function, The basic Architecture of CNN, Popular CNN Architecture - AlexNet. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Recurrent Neural Networks Recurrent Neural Networks : Types of Recurrent Neural Networks, Feed-Forward Neural Networks vs Recurrent Neural Networks, Long Short-Term Memory Networks (LSTM), Encoder Decoder architectures, Recursive Neural Networks. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Autoencoders Undercomplete Autoencoders, Regulraized Autoencoders-Sparse Autoencoders, Stochastic Encoders and Decoders, Denoising Autoencoders, Contractive Autoencoders, Applications of Autoencoders. (Chapter - 4) Unit V Representation Learning Greedy Layerwise Pre-training, Transfer Learning and Domain Adaption, Distributed Representation, Variants of CNN : DenseNet. (Chapter - 5) Unit VI Applications of Deep Learning Overview of Deep Learning Applications : Image Classification, Social N/w/ analysis, Speech Recognition, Recommender system, Natural Language Processing. (Chapter - 6)

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