Research Methodology and IPR for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM V - CIVIL - 301005 b) - Elective I (Decode)

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Syllabus Research Methodology and IPR - (301005b) Credit ExaminationScheme 03 End Semesterexam : 70 Marks Unit III: Data Collection and Preliminary Data Analysis Classification of research data, benefits and drawbacks of research data, collection of primary data, collection of secondary data, selection of appropriate method for data collection, evaluation of data, any case study method. Testing of hypothesis- concepts and testing, review of theory of reliability, hazard models, system reliability. data presentation skills, features of statistical analysis, histogram, bar charts, Pie charts, 2D&3D plots, interpolation & extrapolation techniques, curve fitting.(Chapter - 3) Unit IV: Interpretation and Report Writing Meaning of interpretation, need of interpretation, technique of interpretation, precaution in interpretation, significance of report writing, different steps in writing report, layout of the research report, types of reports, mechanics of writing a research report, precautions for writing research reports, plagiarism, research ethics, tools for technical writing and presentation, conclusions.(Chapter - 4) Unit V: Intellectual Property Rights Introduction and significance of intellectual property rights, types of intellectual property rights, copyright and its significance, introduction to patents and its filing, introduction to patent drafting, best practices in national and international patent filing, copyrightable work examples. Initiatives of government and private organization to promote research activities in education sector.(Chapter - 5) Unit VI: Patent Rights Patents and its basics, patentable items, designs, process of filing patent at national and international level, process of patenting and development, technological research and patents, innovation, patent and copyright international intellectual property, procedure for grants of patents, need of specifications, types of patent applications, provisional and complete specification, patent specifications and its contents, trade and copyright.(Chapter - 6)

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