Water Supply Engineering for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM V - CIVIL - 301002) (Decode)

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Syllabus Water Supply Engineering - (301002) Credit Examination Scheme 03 In semester exam : 30 Marks End semester exam : 70 Marks Unit I : Basics of Water Supply Engineering Introduction to water supply scheme : importance of water infra structure and introduction to water infrastructure in India, data collection required for implementing water supply schemes, components and layouts. Design periods, factors affecting design periods. Quantity : rate of water consumption for various purposes like domestic, industrial, institutional, commercial, fire demand and water system losses, factors affecting rate of demand, population forecasting, including numerical. Quality : physical, chemical, radioactivity and bacteriological characteristics, heavy metals. Standards as per IS 10500-2012. (Chapter - 1) Unit II : Principles of Water Treatment Water treatment : principles of water treatment operations and processes, water treatment flow sheets with respect to various sources, criteria for site selection for WTP. Aeration: principle and concept, necessity, methods, removal of taste and odour, design of aeration fountain. Sedimentation: plain and chemical assisted, principle, efficiency of an ideal settling basin, types of sedimentation, settling velocity, types of sedimentation tanks, design of plain sedimentation tank, introduction and design of tube settlers. (Chapter - 2) Unit III : Design of Water Treatment Plant Coagulation and flocculation : necessity of coagulation, principle of coagulation, common coagulants alum and ferric salts, introduction to other coagulant aids like bentonite clay, lime stone, silicates and polyelectrolytes etc, introduction to natural coagulants, concept of mean velocity gradient and power consumption, design of flocculation chamber, design of clari-flocculator. Filtration: theory of filtration, mechanism of filtration, filter materials, types: rapid, gravity, pressure filter, multimedia and dual media filters, components, under-drainage system, working and cleaning of filters, operational troubles, design of rapid sand gravity filters. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV : Introduction to Advanced Water Treatment Methods Disinfection : mechanism, factors affecting disinfection, types of disinfectants, types and methods of chlorination, break point chlorination, bleaching powder estimation. Water softening methods and demineralization: lime-soda, ion-exchange, R. O. and electrodialysis, fluoridation and defluoridation, introduction to advanced water treatment systems (nano technology), introduction to desalination and various methods of desalination (Chapter - 4) Unit V : Water Distribution System, Rain Water Harvesting and GIS Water distribution system : system of water supply: continuous and intermittent system, different distribution systems and their components, ESR: design of ESR capacity, wastage and leakage of water: detection and prevention. Rainwater harvesting: introduction, need, methods and components of domestic rainwater harvesting system. Design of roof top rainwater harvesting system, use of GIS and drone technology in water management: source, treatment and distribution. (Chapter - 5) Unit VI : Water Treatment Plant for Infrastructure Introduction to Packaged WTP in townships, large commercial buildings, educational institutes, necessity (on-site water treatment), WTP for swimming pools, Building plumbing: introduction to various types of home plumbing systems for water supply and waste water disposal, high rise building plumbing, pressure reducing valves, break pressure tanks, storage tanks, building drainage for high rise buildings, various kinds of fixtures and fittings used for water saving such as water saving aerators, Government of India initiatives such as SMART city mission and AMRUT mission for improvement of infrastructure sector, service level benchmarks in urban infrastructure and introduction to Jal Jeevan Mission and its implication in rural India. (Chapter - 6)

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