Mobile Computing for SPPU 19 Course (BE - SEM VII - IT - 414444) - Elective III

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Syllabus Mobile Computing - 414444 Credit Scheme : Examination Scheme : 03 Credits Mid_Semester : 30 Marks End_Semester : 70 Marks Unit I Introduction Introduction to Mobile Computing : Applications of Mobile Computing, A short history of wireless communication, Medium Access Control : Motivation for a specialized MAC : Hidden and Exposed terminals. Near and Far terminals. SDMA, FDMA, TDMA : Fixed TDM, Classical Aloha, Slotted Aloha, Carrier sense multiple access, Demand assigned multiple access, PRMA packet reservation multiple access, Reservation TDMA, Multiple access with collision avoidance, Polling, Inhibit sense multiple access. CDMA : Spread Aloha multiple access. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Mobile Telecommunication System Introduction to Cellular Systems, GSM : Services & Architecture, Protocols, Connection Establishment, Frequency Allocation, Routing, Mobility Management, Security, GPRS, UMTS : Architecture, Handover, Security. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Generations of Mobile Communication Technologies First Generation Wireless Networks, Second Generation (2G) Wireless Cellular Networks, Major 2G standards, 2.5G Wireless Networks, Third Generation 3G Wireless Networks, Fourth Generation 4G wireless networks, Fifth Generation 5G wireless networks. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Mobile Network Layer Mobile IP : Goals, assumptions and requirements, Entities and Terminology, IP packet delivery, Agent advertisement and discovery, Registration, Tunnelling and Encapsulation, Optimizations, Reverse tunnelling, IPv6 : DHCP, AdHoc networks : Routing, Proactive protocol-DSDV, Reactive Routing Protocols : DSR, AODV, Hybrid routing - ZRP, Multicast Routing : ODMRP, Vehicular Ad Hoc networks (VANET) MANET Vs VANET Security. (Chapter - 4) Unit V Mobile Transport Layer Traditional TCP : Congestion control, Slow start, Fast retransmit/fast recovery, Implications on mobility; Indirect TCP, Snooping TCP, Mobile TCP, Fast retransmit/fast recovery, Transmission/time-out freezing, Selective retransmission, Transaction oriented TCP. Support for Mobility : File systems : Consistency, Examples. World Wide Web : Hypertext transfer protocol, Hypertext markup language, some approaches that might help wireless access, System architectures Wireless application protocol : Architecture, Wireless datagram protocol, Wireless transport layer security, Wireless transaction protocol, Wireless session protocol, Wireless application environment, Wireless markup language, WML script, Wireless telephony application, Examples Stacks with WAP, Mobile databases, Mobile agents. (Chapter - 5) Unit VI Mobile Platforms and Applications Mobile Device Operating Systems, Special Constrains & Requirements, Commercial Mobile Operating Systems. Software Development Kit : Ios, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, M Commerce, Structure, Pros & Cons, Mobile Payment System, Security Issues. (Chapter - 6)

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