Manufacturing Processes for BE Anna University R21CBCS (III- MECH - ME3393)

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Syllabus Manufacturing Processes - [ME3393] UNIT I METAL CASTING PROCESSES Sand Casting - Sand Mould - Type of patterns - Pattern Materials - Pattern allowances - Molding sand Properties and testing - Cores -Types and applications - Molding machines - Types and applications- Melting furnaces - Principle of special casting processes- Shell, investment - Ceramic mould - Pressure die casting - low pressure, gravity- Tilt pouring, high pressure die casting- Centrifugal Casting - CO2 casting - Defects in Sand casting process-remedies. (Chapter - 1) UNIT II METAL JOINING PROCESSES Fusion welding processes - Oxy fuel welding - Filler and Flux materials-Arc welding, Electrodes, Coating and specifications - Gas Tungsten arc welding -Gas metal arc welding - Submerged arc welding - Electro slag welding- Plasma arc welding - Resistance welding Processes -Electron beam welding -Laser beam Welding Friction welding - Friction stir welding - Diffusion welding - Thermit Welding, Weld defects - inspection &remedies - Brazing - soldering - Adhesive bonding. (Chapter - 2) UNIT III BULK DEFORMATION PROCESSES Hot working and cold working of metals - Forging processes - Open, impression and closed die forging - cold forging- Characteristics of the processes - Typical forging operations - rolling of metals - Types of Rolling - Flat strip rolling - shape rolling operations - Defects in rolled parts - Principle of rod and wire drawing - Tube drawing - Principles of Extrusion - Types - Hot and Cold extrusion. Introduction to shaping operations. (Chapter - 3) UNIT IV SHEET METAL PROCESSES Sheet metal characteristics - Typical shearing, bending and drawing operations - Stretch forming operations - Formability of sheet metal - Test methods -special forming processes - Working principle and applications - Hydro forming - Rubber pad forming - Metal spinning - Introduction of Explosive forming, magnetic pulse forming, peen forming, Super plastic forming - Micro forming - Incremental forming. (Chapter - 4) UNIT V MANUFACTURE OF PLASTIC COMPONENTS Types and characteristics of plastics - Molding of thermoplastics & Thermosetting polymers- working principles and typical applications - injection molding - Plunger and screw machines - Compression molding, Transfer Molding - Typical industrial applications - introduction to blow molding - Rotational molding - Film blowing - Extrusion - Thermoforming - Bonding of Thermoplastics- duff moulding. (Chapter - 5)

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