Design of Steel Structures for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM V - CIVIL - 301003) (Decode)

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Syllabus Design of Steel Structures - (301003) Credit Examination scheme 03 In semester exam : 30 Marks End semester exam : 70 Marks Unit I : Design Philosophy and Tension Members Types of steel structures, the chemical composition of structural steel, grades of structural steel, various rolled steel sections, relevant IS specifications such as IS:800-2007, IS:808-1989, IS:875 part I to III, SP : 6(1), SP: 6(6), SP : 38, IS: 4000-1992, IS 816 - 1969, maintenance of steel structure and its methods. Philosophy of limit state design for strength and serviceability, the partial safety factor for load and resistance, various design load combinations. Tension member : various cross sections such as solid threaded rod, cable and angle sections limit strength due to yielding, rupture and block shear, design of tension member using single and double angle sections and design of connection. (Chapter - 1) Unit II : Design of Compression Members and Columns Buckling classification, buckling curves, classification of cross, effective length for compression members and columns, design compressive stress, design of compression member of trusses using single and double angle section and design of connections. Design of axially loaded column using rolled steel section, design of built-up column, lacing and battening and its connections. (Chapter - 2) Unit III : Eccentric Loaded Columns and Column Bases Design of eccentrically loaded column providing uniaxial and biaxial bending for section strength, Design of column bases : slab base, gusseted base and moment resistant base f or axial load and uni-axial bending. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV : Design of Flexural Members Design bending strength, laterally restrained and unrestrained beams, design of laterally restrained beams using single rolled steel section with and without flange plate, curtailment of flange plates, low and high shear, check for web buckling, web crippling and deflection. Design of laterally unrestrained beams using single rolled steel section, check for and deflection. (Chapter - 4) Unit V : Design of Industrial truss and Gantry Girder Roof truss : assessment of dead load, live load and wind load, design of purlin, design of members of a truss, detailing of typical joints and supports. Design of gantry girder: selection and design of cross section, check for moment capacity, buckling resistance, bi-axial bending, serviceability and fatigue strength. (Chapter - 5) Unit VI : Design of Welded Plate Girder Concept of plate girder, components of welded plate girder, intermittent weld, design of cross section, curtailment of flange plates, end bearing, load bearing, and intermediate stiffeners, design of connection between flange & web plate and web plate & stiffeners, check for shear buckling of web, shear capacity of end panel and serviceability condition. (Chapter - 6)

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