Signals and Systems for BE Anna University R21CBCS (Sem-III - ECE - EC3354 & Sem-VII/VIII/Open Electie III - EEE/CSE/IT/AI&DS/CS&BS/CSE(AI&ML)/Mech./Civil - OEC351)

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Signals and Systems - EC3354 Unit I Classification of Signals and Systems Standard signals - Step, Ramp, Pulse, Impulse, Real and complex exponentials and Sinusoids - Classification of signals - Continuous Time (CT) and Discrete Time (DT) signals, Periodic and Aperiodic signals, Deterministic and Random signals, Energy and Power signals - Classification of systems - CT systems and DT systems - Linear and Nonlinear, Time-variant and Time-invariant, Causal and Non-causal, Stable and Unstable. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Analysis of Continuous Time Signals Fourier series for periodic signals - Fourier Transform - properties - Laplace Transforms and properties. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Linear Time Invariant Continuous Time Systems Impulse response - convolution integrals - Differential Equation - Fourier and Laplace transforms in Analysis of CT systems - Systems connected in series / parallel. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Analysis of Discrete Time Signals Baseband Signal Sampling - Fourier Transform of discrete time signals (DTFT) - properties of DTFT - Z Transform and properties. (Chapter - 4) Unit V Linear Time Invariant - Discrete Time Systems Impulse response - Difference equations Convolution sum-Discrete Fourier Transform and Z Transform Analysis of Recursive and Non-Recursive systems - DT systems connected in series and parallel. (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [DR. J.S. CHITODE, DR. S. IIAIYARAJA] Pages: 464 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications