Microcontrollers for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM V - E &TC - 304184) (END SEM) (Decode)

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Syllabus Microcontroller - (304184) Credit : Examination Scheme : 03 End Sem (Theory) : 70 Marks Unit III PIC 18F XXXX Microcontroller Architecture Comparison of PIC family, Criteria for Choosing Microcontroller, features, PIC18FXXXX architecture with generalized block diagram. MCU, Program and Data memory organization, Bank selection using Bank Select Register, Pin out diagram, Reset operations, Watch Dog Timers, Configuration registers and oscillator options (CONFIG), Power down modes, Overview of instruction set. (Chapter - 4) Unit IV Peripheral Support in PIC 18FXXXX Brief summary of Peripheral support, Timers and its Programing (mode 0 &1), Interrupt Structure of PIC18FXXXX with SFR, PORTB change Interrupts, use of timers with interrupts, CCP modes : Capture, Compare and PWM generation, DC Motor speed control with CCP, Block diagram of in-built ADC with Control registers, Sensor interfacing using ADC : All programs in embedded C. (Chapter - 5) Unit V Real Word Interfacing With 18FXXXX Port structure with programming, Interfacing of LED, LCD and Key board, Motion Detectors, Gas sensors, IR sensors, Design of PIC test Board and debugging, Home protection System : All programs in embedded C. (Chapter - 6) Unit VI Serial Port Programming interfacing with 18FXXXX Basics of Serial Communication Protocol : Study of RS232, RS 485, I2C, SPI, MSSP structure (SPI & I2C), USART (Receiver and Transmitter), interfacing of RTC (DS1307) with I2C and EEPROM with SPI. Design of Traffic Light Controller; All programs in embedded C. (Chapter - 7)

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