Electronic Measurement for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM V - E &TC - 304185B) Elective I (END SEM) (Decode)

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Syllabus Electronic Measurements - 304185(B) Credit : Examination Scheme : 03 In-Sem (Theory) : 30 Marks End-Sem (Theory) : 70 Marks Unit I Basics of Measurements Units Systems, Standards, Measurement system characteristics (static and dynamic), Statistical metrics in measurement systems, probability of errors, Calibration of measurement system. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Electronics Measurements Voltage & current measurement, Digital Voltmeter (DVM), types of DVM, Digital Multi meter, true r.m.s. voltmeter, Vector voltmeter, Impedance meter, Q-meter, Harmonic Distortion analyzers, Wave analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Logic Analyzer. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Signal Generators Audio, RF, Micro wave signal generators, Frequency synthesis techniques, Synthesizers, digital signal generators, Noise generators, characteristics of Pulse, signal and noise. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Special purpose CRO Dual trace CRO, DSO, Sampling CRO, curve Tracer, Power Oscilloscopes, Delayed sweep CRO, Component Test, Z-modulation and X-Y mode operations, Measurements on oscilloscope, Oscilloscope accessories. (Chapter - 4) Unit V Display devices, Recorders and universal counter / Timer LCD Display, LED/OLED Display, Plasma Display, X-Y Plotters, Strip Chart Recorders, Universal counter/ Timers (for time period, time interval, frequency, frequency ratio and pulse measurement), Communication buses PC / instruments (EIA/TIA 232, 423, 422, 488), Internal & external acquisition cards. (Chapter - 5) Unit VI Advanced measurement systems Automatic Test Equipments, Microwave measurements using Network Analyzer, EMI/EMC test instruments, OTDR, Field Strength Meter, Industrial revolutions & their impact on Industrial Automation, Case study of Electronics Measurement Systems (e.g. DSO, Multi trace CRO, Spectrum Analyzer, Logic Analyzer). (Chapter - 6)

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