Heat and Mass Transfer for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM V - MECH/AUTO- 302042) (END SEM) (Decode)

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Syllabus Heat and Mass Transfer (302042) Credits Examination Scheme Theory 3 In-Semester 30 Marks Practical 1 End-Semester 70 Marks Practical 50 Marks Unit 1 Fundamentals of Heat Transfer Basic Concepts : Different Modes and Laws of heat transfer, 3-D heat conduction equation in Cartesian coordinates (with derivation), and its simplified equations, simplified equations in cylindrical and spherical coordinates (simplified equations, no derivation) thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, electrical analogy, Thermal contact Resistance. Boundary and initial conditions : Temperature boundary condition, heat flux boundary condition, convection boundary condition, radiation boundary condition. 1-D steady state heat conduction without and with heat generation : Heat conduction without heat generation in plane wall, composite wall, composite cylinder, composite sphere. Heat conduction with heat generation in Plane wall, Cylinder and Sphere with different boundary conditions. (Chapter - 1) Unit 2 Heat Transfer through Extended Surfaces & Transient Heat Conduction Thermal Insulation – Critical thickness of insulation, Types and properties of insulating materials, Safety considerations in thermal insulation, Economic and cost considerations, Payback period, Numerical on payback period. Heat transfer through extended surfaces : Types of fins and its applications, Governing Equation for constant cross sectional area fins, Solution for infinitely long fin (with derivation), adequately long fin with insulated end tip and short fins (no derivation), Fin Efficiency & Effectiveness of fins, estimation of error in Temperature measurement by thermometer. Transient heat conduction : Validity and criteria of lumped system analysis, Biot Number, Fourier Number, Time Constant and Response of thermocouple, Use of Heisler Charts for plane wall, cylinder and sphere. (Chapter - 2) Unit 3 Convection Principles of Convection : Local and average heat transfer coefficient, Hydrodynamic and Thermal boundary layer for a flat plate and pipe flow. Forced Convection : Physical significance of non-dimensional numbers, Empirical correlations for flat plate, pipe flow, and flow across cylinders, spheres, tube banks. Free Convection : Physical significance of non-dimensional numbers, Free convection from a vertical, horizontal surface, cylinder and sphere. Mixed Convection Boiling and Condensation : Types of boiling, Regimes of pool boiling, Film wise condensation, Drop wise condensation (No Numerical treatment), Critical heat flux. (Chapter - 3) Unit 4 Radiation Thermal Radiation; definition of various terms used in radiation mode; Stefan-Boltzmann law, Kirchhoff’s law, Planck’s law and Wein’s displacement law. Intensity of radiation and solid angle; Lambert’s law; Radiation heat exchange between two black surfaces, configuration or view factor. Radiation heat exchange between grey surfaces, Electrical analogy for radiation, Radiation shields, Numerical. (Chapter - 4) Unit 5 Mass Transfer Physical origins, applications of mass transfer, Mixture Composition, Phase diagram, Fick’s Law of Diffusion with numerical treatment, Restrictive Conditions, Mass diffusion coefficient, Conservation of Species, The Mass Diffusion equation – Cartesian coordinates deviation, cylindrical coordinates and Spherical coordinates (no derivation), Boundary and initial conditions. (Chapter - 5) Unit 6 Heat Exchangers and Equipment Design Heat Exchangers : Classification and applications of heat exchangers, Heat exchanger analysis – LMTD for parallel and counter flow heat exchangers, Effectiveness– NTU method for parallel and counter flow heat exchangers, cross flow heat exchangers, LMTD correction factor, Heat Pipe, Introduction to electronic cooling - Active and passive methods of augmented heat transfer. Process Equipment Design : Condenser Design, Introduction to TEMA standards, Design considerations for heat exchangers, Materials of construction and corrosion, Temperature effects, Radiation effects, Economic consideration, Condenser and Heat exchanger design and performance calculations, Design of shell and tube type Heat Exchanger. (Chapter - 6)

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