Radiation & Microwave Theory for SPPU 19 Course (BE - SEM VII - E&Tc - 404181)

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Unit I Fundamental Theory of Radiation and Radiating Elements Fundamental equations for free space (Friis transmission equation), Definition of antenna, radiation mechanism and types of antenna, performance parameters such as radiation pattern, directivity, gain, efficiency, half power beam width, bandwidth, polarization, input impedance, radiation efficiency, effective length, effective area, radiation sphere. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Transmission Lines and Waveguides Introduction to microwaves, short history of microwave engineering, frequency band definitions, advantages and applications of microwaves (overall applications). Introduction to wave guides, advantages of waveguides, comparison of waveguides and co-axial cables, Rectangular waveguides, modes of propagation in waveguides, cut off frequency, dominant mode, waveguide characteristics and parameters, excitation in waveguides, coupling methods (probe, slot, loop), application of re-entrant cavities, coupling of cavities, Striplines: Structural details, types and applications. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Passive Microwave Components Construction, working principle and scattering analysis of passive microwave components such as E-plane, H-plane and magic tee. Ferrite composition, characteristics and Faraday rotation principle. Construction, working principle and scattering analysis of Isolator, Circulator and Directional coupler. Construction and operation of Gyrator, Microwave Filters, Phase Shifter, Microwave Attenuator. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Active Microwave Components Limitations of conventional tubes, O and M type classification of microwave tubes, re-entrant cavity, velocity modulation. Construction, operation, performance analysis and applications of -Single cavity and two cavity klystron, Cylindrical wave Magnetron and Helix Traveling wave, Numericals. (Chapter - 4) Unit V Solid State Microwave Devices Introduction, Principle of operation, construction, characteristics, parameters with analysis of Microwave transistors, MOSFET, Varactor diodes, Parametric amplifiers, PIN diodes, Tunnel diodes, application as amplifiers, oscillators, modulators, demodulators, Schottky Barrier diodes, Transferred Electron devices: Gunn diode, Avalanche diode, Transit Time devices like IMPATT, TRAPATT diodes. (Chapter - 5) Unit VI Microwave Systems and Microwave Measurement Techniques Microwave terrestrial and satellite communication system, Fundamentals of RADAR and RADAR range equation. Industrial applications of microwaves such as microwave heating, medical application such as microwave diathermy. Microwave measurement devices such as slotted line, tunable detector, VSWR meter, power meter, and their working principles. Microwave measurement techniques to measure S-parameters, frequency, power, attenuation, VSWR, impedance. Radiation hazards and protection. (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [DR. SONAL KIRANKUMAR JAGTAP, DR. D.G. BHALKE, V.S.BAGAD] Pages: 228 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications