CVM.GTUT Object Oriented Programming - SEM 2 - COMP - 102000212

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1. Pointers in C, Dynamic Memory Allocation and File Management 2. Concepts of ΟΟΡ : Introduction ΟΟΡ, Procedura\ Vs. Object Oriented Programming, Principles of ΟΟΡ, Benefits and applications of ΟΟΡ 3. C++ Basics : Overview, Program structure, namespace, identifiers, variables, constants, enum, operators, typecasting, control structures 4. C++ Functions : Simple functions, Call and Return by reference, Inline functions, Macro V s. Inline functions, Overloading of functions, defau\t arguments, friend functions 5. Objects and Classes : Basics of object and c\ass in C++, Private and public members, static data and function members, constructors and their types, destructors, operator overloading, type conversion 6. Inheήtance : Concept of Inheritance, types of inheritance, single, multiple mώtilevel, hierarchical, hybrid, protected members, overriding, virtual base class 7. Polymorphism : Pointers in C++, Pointers and Objects, this pointer, virtual and pure virtual functions, Implementing polymorphism 8. 1/0, Files and Tempelates : C++ stream classes, Unformatted and formatted 1/0, manipώators, File management functions, File modes, Templates, Exception handling and Standard Template Library. 9. Introduction to Python Programming : The basic e\ements of python, Branching Programs, Control Structures, Strings and Input, lteration, Functions and scoping, Specifications, Recursion, Global variables, Strings, Tuples, List

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Author: [A. A. Puntambekar] Pages: 396 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications