Analog and Digital Electronics for SPPU 19 Course (SE - III - Electrical - 203143) (Decode)

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SYLLABUS Analog and Digital Electronics - (203143) Credits Examination Scheme [Marks] Th : 03 In Sem : 30 Marks PR : 01 End Sem : 70 Marks Practical : 50 Marks Unit 01 : Design of combinational circuit : Booleans algebra, De-Morgan theory etc, Karnaugh map : structure for two, three and four Variables, SOP and POS form, reduction of Boolean expressions by K-map. Design of combinational circuits using Boolean expression and K-map, encoder, decoder, half and full adder. (Chapter - 1) Unit 02 : Design of sequential circuit : Introduction to sequential circuit. Design of synchronous (K-map) and asynchronous counters. Up down counters, N modulo counters, Shift registers, ring and twisted ring counters. (Chapter - 2) Unit 03 : Digital memories and logic families : A) Digital memories : SRAM, DRAM, ROM, EPROM B) Digital logic families : PAL,PLA, CPLD, FPGA (Chapter - 3) Unit 04 : Operational Amplifier Applications : Open loop and close loop configuration of Op-Amp. Applications of Op- Amp - zero crossing detectors, Comparator, Schmitt trigger, V-I and I-V converters, Instrumentation amplifier, peak detector, Waveform generation using Op-amp - sine, square, saw tooth and triangular generator. (Chapter - 4) Unit 05 : Other Analog circuits : Active filters-Its configuration with frequency response, Analysis of first order low pass and high pass filters using OPAMP, IC 555 - construction, working and modes of operation - astable and monostable multi vibrators, Sequence generator, voltage regulators using IC78xx, 79xx, LM 317 (Chapter - 5) Unit 06 : Diode rectifier : Single phase half wave rectifier with R, RL loads. Single phase full wave rectifier - Center tap and bridge rectifier supplying R and RL load and performance parameters. Three phase full wave bridge rectifier with R load. (Chapter - 6)

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