Cell and Molecular Biology - for B. PHARMACY PCI SYLLABUS - 17 ( SEM VIII - BP808ET) - TEXTBOOK

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Unit I a) Cell and Molecular Biology : Definitions theory and basics and Applications. b) Cell and Molecular Biology : History and Summation. c) Properties of cells and cell membrane. d) Prokaryotic versus Eukaryotic e) Cellular Reproduction f) Chemical Foundations – an Introduction and Reactions (Types) (Chapter - 1) Unit II a) DNA and the Flow of Molecular Information b) DNA Functioning c) DNA and RNA d) Types of RNA e) Transcription and Translation (Chapter - 2) Unit III a) Proteins : Defined and Amino Acids b) Protein Structure c) Regularities in Protein Pathways d) Cellular Processes e) Positive Control and significance of Protein Synthesis (Chapter - 3) Unit IV a) Science of Genetics b) Transgenics and Genomic Analysis c) Cell Cycle analysis d) Mitosis and Meiosis e) Cellular Activities and Checkpoints (Chapter - 4) Unit V a) Cell Signals : Introduction b) Receptors for Cell Signals c) Signaling Pathways : Overview d) Misregulation of Signaling Pathways e) Protein-Kinases : Functioning (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [Dr. Harshad S. Kapare, Dr. Karishma M. Rathi, Vrushali V. Neve.] Pages: 108 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications