CVM.GTUT Digital Fundamentals - SEM 3- COMP - 102040303

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1. lntroduction : Binary Systems and Logic Circuits, The Advantage of Binary, Number Systems, The Use of Binary ίη Digital Systems, Logic Gates, Logic Families: Transistor-Transistor Logic(TTL), Emitter-Coupled Logic(ECL), MOSFET Logic, TTL Gates. 2. Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates : Basic Definition, Axiomatic Definition of Boolean Algebra, Basic Theorem and Properties of Boolean Algebra, Minterms And Maxterms, Logic Operations. 3. Simplification of Boolean Functions : Different types Map method, Sum of Product and Product of sum Simplification, NAND or NOR implementation, Realizing Logic Function with Gates, Combinational Design examples, Don't Care condition, Tabulation method. 4. Logic Function Realization with MSI and LSI : Multiplexer, De-Multiplexer/Decoders, Combinational Logic with Multiplexers and Decoders, Adders, Subtractors, BCD arithmetic, carry look ahead adder, seήal adder, Digital comparator, Parity checker/generator, Code converters, Standard, Design Problem Using MSI Circuits, ROM, PLA, PAL. 5. Sequential Logic : Introduction, Flip-Flops, Tήggeήng of Flip-Flops, Analysis of Clocked Sequential Circuits, Applications of flip-flops, Flip-Flop Excitation Tables, Design Procedure, Design of Counters, Design with State Equations, Shift Register, Applications of Shift Registers. 6. Introduction to State Machines : The Need for State Machines, The State Machine, Basic Concepts in State Machine Analysis. 7. Synchronous State Machine Design : Sequential Counters, State Changes Referenced to Clock, Number of State Flip-Flops, lnput Forming Logic, Output Forming Logic, Generation of a State Diagram from a Timing Chart, Redundant States, General State Machine Architecture. 8. Asynchronous State Machines : The Fundamental-Mode Model, Problems of Asynchronous Circuits Basic Design Pήnciples, Αη Asynchronous Design Example.

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Author: [A. P. Godse, Dr.D.A.Godse] Pages: 608 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications