Analog and Digital Communication for GTU 18 Course (V - ECE- 3151104)

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Syllabus Analog and Digital Communication - (3151104) Credits Examination Marks Total Marks C Theory Marks Practical Marks ESE (E) PA (M) ESE Viva (V) PA (I) 5 70 30 30 20 150 1. Introduction to Communication System : Analog and Digital Messages, Channel Effect, Signal-to Noise ration and capacity, Modulation and Detection, History of Communications. (Revision of Signal Transmission through a linear system, Signal distortion over a communication channel, Signal Energy and Energy spectra density, Signal power and power density). (Chapter - 1) 2. Amplitude modulation and Demodulations : Single and Double sideband Amplitude modulation, Amplitude modulation, Bandwidth-efficient Amplitude modulation, VSB, Local Carrier synchronization, FDM, PLL. (Chapter - 2) 3. Angle Modulation and demodulation : Nonlinear Modulation, Bandwidth of Angle-modulated Waves, Generating FM waves, Demodulation of FM signals, Nonlinear distortion and interference, Superheterodyne Receivers, FM broadcasting System. (Chapter - 3) 4. Sampling and Analog to digital Conversion : Sampling theorem, Sampling and signal reconstruction, Aliasing, Types of sampling, Quantization, PCM, Companding, DPCM, ADPCM, Delta modulation, Adaptive delta modulation, T1 carrier system. (Chapter - 4) 5. Digital Data Transmission : Components of digital communication system, line coding, pulse shaping, Scrambling, Regenerative Repeater, Eye Diagram, Timing Extraction, Detection Error Probability, M-ary communication, Digital Carrier Systems. (Chapter - 5) 6. Introduction to Digital Modulation-Demodulation Techniques : Modulation techniques for ASK, FSK, PSK, MSK, BPSK, QPSK, GMSK. (Chapter - 6)

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