Power Devices & Circuits for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM VI - E&Tc. - 304194)

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Unit I Study of Power Devices Construction, VI characteristics (input, output and transfer if any), switching characteristics of SCR, GTO, Power MOSFET and IGBT, Performance overview of Silicon, Silicon Carbide & GaN based MOSFET and IGBT, various repetitive and non-repetitive ratings of SCR, GTO , Power MOSFET & IGBT and their significance, requirement of a typical triggering / driver (such as opto isolator) circuits for various power devices, importance of series and parallel operations of various power devices (no derivation and numerical). (Chapter - 1) Unit II AC to DC Power Converters Concept of line & forced commutation, Single phase Semi & Full converters using SCR for R and R-L loads and its performance analysis and numerical, Effect of source inductance, Significance of power factor and its improvement using PWM based techniques, Three phase Full converters using SCR for R load and its performance analysis, Single Phase PWM Rectifier using IGBT, Three Phase Controlled Rectifier Using IGBT, Difference between SCR based conventional rectifiers and IGBT based rectifiers. (Chapter - 2) Unit IIIDC to AC Converters Single phase half and full bridge square wave inverter for R and R-L load using MOSFET / IGBT and its performance analysis and numerical, Cross conduction in inverter, need of voltage control and strategies in inverters, classifications of voltage control techniques, control of voltage using various PWM techniques and their advantages, concept and need of harmonic elimination / reduction in inverters, Three Phase voltage source inverter for balanced star R load with 120 and 180 degree mode of operation, device utilization factor, Advanced Converters like matrix inverter, multi-level inverters and their topologies and its driver circuits (no derivation and numerical). (Chapter - 3) Unit IVDC to DC Converters Classification of choppers, Step down chopper for R and RL load and its performance analysis, Step up chopper, various control strategies for

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Pages: 228 Edition: 2023 Vendors: Technical Publications