Computer Networks and Security for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM VI - IT - 314451)

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Unit IApplication Layer Client Server Paradigm : Communication using TCP and UDP, Peer to Peer Paradigm, Application Layer Protocols : DNS, FTP, TFTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, MIME, DHCP, TELNET. (Chapter - 1) Unit IIWireless Standards Wireless LANs : Fundamentals of WLAN, Design goals, Characteristics, Network Architecture, IEEE 802.11: components in IEEE 802.11 network, Physical Layer, MAC Sub Layers : DCF, PCF, Hidden and exposed station problem, Frame format, Addressing Mechanism, IEEE 802.15.1 Bluetooth: Architecture Layers, operational states, IEEE 802.16 WiMax : Services, Architecture, Layers, comparison between Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.16. (Chapter - 2) Unit IIIADHOC and WSN Infrastructure Network and Infrastructure-less Wireless Networks, Issues in Adhoc Wireless Network, Adhoc Network MAC Layer : Design Issues, Design Goal, Classification, MACAW, Adhoc Network Routing Layer : Issues in Designing a Routing Protocol for Ad-hoc Wireless Networks - Classifications of Routing Protocols, DSDV, AODV, DSR, Applications of Sensor Network, Comparison with Ad Hoc Wireless Network, Sensor node architecture Issues and Challenges in Designing a Sensor Network, Classification of sensor network protocols, SENSOR NETWORK ARCHITECTURE : Layered Architecture, Clustered Architecture. (Chapter - 3) Unit IVIntroduction to Network Security Importance and Need for Security, Network Attacks - Passive, Active Network Security Threats : Unauthorized access, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, Man in the middle attacks, Concept of Security Principles : Confidentiality and Privacy, Authentication, Authorization and Access Control, Integrity, Non- repudiation, Stream Ciphers : Substitution Cipher - Mono alphabetic Cipher, Polyalphabetic Substitution Cipher., Transposition Cipher : Rail-Fence. Block Ciphers modes : Electronic Code Book (ECB) Mode, Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) Mode, Cipher Feedback Mode (CFB) , Output Feedback (OFB) Mode. (Chapter - 4) Unit VCrypto

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